Recycle Plastic Bottles And Get A Free Bus Ride In Abu Dhabi

by Deeplata Garde
Recycle Plastic Bottles And Get A Free Bus Ride In Abu Dhabi

UAE has a strong belief in creating the emirates with leading sustainable development. Commutes are a necessary part of living in the capital. But what if you get a free bus ride every day? It’s possible now in Abu Dhabi. The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) has introduced a programme that allows travellers to receive free bus tickets by returning empty plastic bottles. Read on to find out how to ride public buses for free.

Travel Free On Your Hafilat Card By Recycling Empty Plastic Bottles

Passengers on the bus will get points for depositing empty plastic bottles in a plastics deposit machine. The points will get directly added to a Hafilat Personalised Bus Card, which you can use to pay for bus tickets.
In Abu Dhabi’s major bus terminal, soon, the government will install a machine. A piece of the little bottle (600ml or less) earns one point, whereas bigger containers or bottles with more than 600ml get two points each. Ten fils equal one point, hence ten points equal Dhs1. Understood the calculations?

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What Is Hafilat Card?

The Hafilat card is a smart payment system that uses tariff machines at bus entrances and exits to store monetary value in the card. As you ride the bus, the system calculates the needed fare and deducts it from your card. Bus tickets start at Dhs2 and grow in price as you travel further.

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Sustainable And Environment-Friendly Public Transport Is A Great Initiative

Launching this initiative with a rewarding aspect invites a lot of the crowd in Abu Dhabi to invest themselve in an activity.

Travelling by bus is already more ecologically friendly than taking a cab or driving a vehicle. The programme came into effect in collaboration with the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD), the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre “Tadweer,” and “DGrade.” The EAD is aiming to implement an integrated empty plastic bottle return network in important places. It is also promoting initiatives to collect bottles from households by offering incentives.

Image Credits: The Science Explorer

Dubai has announced a plastic bag fee, which will go into effect this summer. This will encourage people to use fewer single-use plastic bags, as well as free water bottle refill stations across the city.

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