Maharashtra Govt Extends Lockdown Till July 31, Restrictions To Be Reimposed

by Kanika Sharma
Maharashtra Govt Extends Lockdown Till July 31, Restrictions To Be Reimposed

After the number of coronavirus positive cases reached a whooping 1.65 lakh in number, the Maharashtra government has decided to re-impose lockdown. This will mean that movement for all non-essential services will also either be discontinued or restricted in the hotspots.

Lockdown Extends Till July 31

The Maharashtra government has extended the lockdown till July 31. As the number of positive cases in the state continue to rise, so does the death toll. According to news reports, almost 7,500 people have succumbed to the disease. The number is alarming. Hence, to keep further spread in check, the state government has re-imposed the lockdown which not allow people to step out for non-essential services. Meanwhile, on the side, the government has been turning some of its iconic spaces in Covid care centres like the Mahalaxmi Race Course

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The reason behind the extension is being stated by the authorities as an attempt ‘to control the pandemic’. On Sunday, June 28, around 5,493 fresh cases and 23 news deaths were reported in the state. These figures were revealed by the Maharashtra Health Department that raised quite an alarm for the state government.

Here’s What Will Be Allowed

According to news reports, movement for emergencies, offices and essential services is what will be allowed. Along with that, essential commodity shops, e-commerce activities for essential and non-essential products and home-delivery will be allowed and continue to function as it is doing now.

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The Maharashtra Chief Minister, Uddhav Thackery is not addressing the extending phase as ‘lockdown’. The upcoming measures that are being taken are a part of ‘Mission Begin Again’, which is aimed at bringing the life in the state, back to the ‘new normal. However, caution is thoroughly being advised, for those who are starting to step out again.

The Maharashtra Police, too, is trying to take various measures in order to ensure people continue to follow the rules. Recently, it was revealed that vehicles of people will be seized, who step out for non-essential services and cross the 2km radius of their homes.