Mumbai Police May Seize Your Vehicle If You Drive Beyond 2 Kms

by Sanjana Shenoy
Mumbai Police May Seize Your Vehicle If You Drive Beyond 2 Kms

 Mumbai Police announced a new set of guidelines under the #MissionBeginAgain on June 28. This is to contain the spread of coronavirus in the city. This includes a 2 km radius of movement for all non-essential activities. If people visit shops and salons beyond 2 km from their homes, the Mumbai Police can seize their privately-owned vehicles. However, people can move beyond the 2 km radius for attending office or medical emergencies. But a senior police official states to media houses that shopping outside the radius remains strictly prohibited. Mumbai Police appealed to residents of the city to follow these personal safety and social distancing norms or they will have to take strict action against violators.

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Mumbai Police To Seize Vehicles if Found On Roads Beyond 2 Km Radius From Home

Deputy Commissioner of Police and Mumbai Police Spokesperson Pranaya Ashok informs media houses on June 28 “It is our sincere appeal that all citizens behave responsibly and avoid unnecessary movement. The onus of defeating COVID-19 lies on all of us and we can achieve this only when we follow the personal safety and social distancing guidelines at all times.”  As of June 29, Mumbai witnesses 5,48.000 coronavirus cases, 3,22,000 and 16,475 deaths. The Mahalakshmi Race Course in Mumbai will soon be converted into a Covid Care Centre to manage the crisis. 

The Mumbai Police announced the seizure of all privately owned vehicles if they are found travelling beyond a 2 km radius from the houses of owners for all activities apart from going to offices or availing medicinal services during emergencies. However essential service workers travelling in private vehicles are exempted from this rule.

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Mumbai Police Spokesperson Pranaya Ashok reveals that many activities under the Maharastra government’s ‘Mission Begin Again’ are permitted. But the threat of coronavirus still persists. So informs “It is absolutely necessary that we all follow the norms of personal safety and social distancing. Many people in the city have been found violating these norms, thereby endangering their own health as well as that of others in their vicinity.”

New Detailed Order By The Mumbai Police

So the police appealed to all citizens of Mumbai to strictly adhere to the lockdown guidelines issued by the state government.

  • People must restrict outdoor movement to essential activities only
  • Wearing face masks outdoors is absolutely essential
  • Any movement to visit market places, shops, salons and barbershops must be restricted to a 2 km radius
  • Travel beyond 2 km radius remains completely prohibited
  • Any movement for exercise purposes must also be restricted to outdoor spaces in a 2 km radius
  • All vehicles found way from the local area without valid reasons will be seized
  • Movement outside the 2k  radius for official purposes or medical emergencies to be permitted
  • Social distancing norms must be mandatorily followed at all time and strict action will be taken against all offenders
  • Shops and markets flouting social distancing norms will be shut down
  • No movement of people except for essential services will be allowed during the night curfew between 9 pm and 5 pm. Violators of night curfew shall be strictly penalised.

Mumbai Police Seized 5000 Vehicles On June 28 For Flouting New Rules

On June 28, Mumbai Police seized 5000 vehicles for plying without any valid reason. The South region witnessed the seizure of 670 vehicles. In the central region, 698 vehicles were seized, 560 in eastern suburbs, 1,766 in the western region and 1,306 in northern suburbs. So at this point in time, Mumbaikars, you may not be able to travel beyond 2 km radius from your homes. But this doesn’t mean you can’t go on a virtual tour across your city!