Maharashtra To Rename All Residential Localities Having Caste-Based Names

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 690

No matter how much we debate that we have move moved way ahead of the case system, certain impressions of the case system still lurk in our society. We see the casteism coming up in everything from our rituals to name of places. The reservation quota is the most significant proof of modern-day casteism. However, if we have to look at things in a positive light, changes are being brought to the forefront. Recently, Maharashtra cleared a proposal to rename residential areas having caste-based surnames. Isn’t that a great initiative?

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Locality Names Pointing To A Community To be Changed

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s office said in a statement that the government wished to rename the localities to maintain national unity and social harmony. The CMO further added in his statement that names such as Mahar-wada, Bouddh-wada, Brahman-wada and Mali-galli pointed to the community residing in a particular area. Maharashtra Woman Rows 18Km Daily To Help Tribal Babies & Expecting Mothers.

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The Move Will Help Change Mindset Of People

The terms that refer to Dalits, Dalit Buddhists and the likes are ill-suited for a progressive state like Maharashtra. These are the communities that handle dead animals, and gardeners, among others. The localities will now be renamed with Samata Nagar, Jyotinagar, Shahunagar and Kranti Nagar. The move will bring out a change in the mindset of the people and will gradually abolish caste system from our society. Maharashtra Mandates COVID Negative Certificate For People Coming From Delhi, Gujarat, Goa & Rajasthan.

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We want to be living in a country where everyone has an equal right to live with dignity. It is high time we do away with discrimination based on caste and religion.

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