Maharashtra Promotes Mangrove Safaris As Eco Tourism Avenues In The State

mangrove safaris maharashtra
by Sanjana Shenoy
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Maharashtra promotes mangrove safaris as a great source of eco-tourism in the state. Infact a women self-help group encourages mangrove safaris in the unexplored town of Vengurle. The hilly town situated at the southernmost tip oh Maharashtra in Sindhudurg district is nestled just 18 km from Goa. But not many tourists have explored Vengurle’s natural beauty. The group of 10 women create awareness about mangroves through these safaris. Read on to know more.

Women Self Help Group Promotes Mangrove Safari

Shweta Hule, a former corporator manages the self-help group (SHG), runs the mangrove safari. According to Outlook, she stated to PTI”Unlike Malwan in Sindhudurg, Vengurle is a remote, quiet place and that is what tourists look for to unwind. Tourism is not just creating five-star hotels. People want to be closer to nature and that is what tourism development should be. I hope Vengurle will have good days in future in terms of tourism development.”

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The project, 100% funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) creates awareness about mangroves. The group of 10 women have two boats, 20 life jackets and even bamboo shelters. The fisherwomen are trained in English to handle tourists efficiently. Tourists can learn about the biodiversity in the Mandvi creek. The boat tour commences from Mandvi Jetty and goes on till Manishwar Temple. Travel enthusiasts can learn about the different varieties of mangroves and different species of migratory birds in the area.

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Tourists Can Learn About Different Types Of Mangroves

Infact, foodies can gorge on authentic local cuisine after the fun mangrove safari. While the mangrove safari remains close during the monsoon season and amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, it will commence again soon. Going on this mangrove safari is not only a great learning experience about our flora and fauna. Infact it’s also a wonderful way to empower these women who work tirelessly to help the environment. Meanwhile, check out Delhi’s first women-run restaurant built to empower women. 

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