Mahesh Manjrekar’s Cloud Kitchen In Mumbai’s Goregaon Serves Delicious Malvani Food. Go Try!

by Shreya Rathod
Mahesh Manjrekar’s Cloud Kitchen In Mumbai’s Goregaon Serves Delicious Malvani Food. Go Try!

The state of Maharashtra is a diverse land and every region has its culinary speciality. Though Maharashtrian cuisine predominantly consists of bajra, jowar and other staples like these. But there are some variations in preparing these dishes. One of the regional cuisines of Maharashtra is Malvani cuisine. If you haven’t tried it yet or want to explore Malvani food, then Mumbai’s Suka Sukhi restaurant is your destination!

Suka Sukhi In Mumbai Serves Delicious Malvani Food!


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Mahesh Manjrekar, an Indian film actor, director and producer, is a foodie at heart and loves to relish Malvani dishes. He has opened a restaurant called Suka Sukhi in Mumbai’s Goregaon area. The dishes served at this place are similar to what’s cooked in his house. In fact, from cooking oil to ingredients, everything is the same!

The purpose of opening this cloud kitchen is to offer Mumbaikars authentic Malvani home-cooked meals. They serve some delicious dishes like Black Chicken, Ghosali Sodey Curry, Suka Bombil Batata Curry, Vangi Javala Curry, Malvani Chicken, Andya Chi Bhaji and more.

They even have some vegetarian dishes on their menu like Batata Chi Bhaji, Flower Batata Vatana, Gavar Chi Bhaji, Tomato Bhaji, Valaa Chi Bhaji, Vatapach Varan and more. You can pair these main dishes with different varieties of bhakri, pav and Indrayani Bhat.

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If you are a rice lover, please be sure to try Sodyacha Pulav and Solkadhi Rice. Additionally, you will find fish dishes like Suka Bombil Fry, Suka Javala Fry and Suka Karandi Fry on their menu. You can end your filling meal with a dish of banana sheera that melts in your mouth! But don’t forget to give their solkadhi, kokum sharbat and kairi panha a try!

What Is Malvani Cuisine?


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The South Konkan region of the Indian states of Maharashtra and Goa is known for its traditional Malvani cuisine. Although most meals in Malvani cuisine are not vegetarian, there are several that are. Despite being a separate cuisine, it has influences from both Goan and Maharashtrian food.

Coconut is widely used in Malvani cuisine in a variety of ways, including grated, dry-grated, fried, coconut paste, and coconut milk. Dried red chillies and other spices including coriander seeds, peppercorns, cumin, cardamom, ginger, and garlic are common ingredients in masalas.

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Additionally, kokum, dried kokum, tamarind, and raw mango are used in some meals. So, when are you planning to visit Mahesh Manjrekar’s eatery for authentic Maharashtrian meals?

Where: Goregaon, Mumbai
When: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Cost: Approx ₹250 for one

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