Make Every Day Breakfast A Thing, Try These Easy-To-Follow Breakfast Recipes by Chef Kunal Kapur

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Make Every Day Breakfast A Thing, Try These Easy-To-Follow Breakfast Recipes by Chef Kunal Kapur

Making breakfast every day for yourself and your family is not at all an easy task. Every person who cooks knows the struggle of deciding what to cook every day. It’s completely normal to fall short on breakfast recipes, so calm down! Take a deep breath and read this article because we have brought to you some easy-to make recipes by none other than the famous chef Kunal Kapur himself!

Breakfast Recipes by Chef Kunal Kapur

1. Banana Breakfast Split


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Here’s an easy breakfast dish for you to try on days when you want to have something light and with the fewest ingredients. In this recipe, you might also try replacing the sugar with brown sugar.

2. Lauki Chilla

We know how much children and even many adults hate bottle gourds or Lauki. There are very few people who like lauki ki sabzi, and if you are not one of them, here’s a simple breakfast recipe that can help you make them relish it. 

3. Without Bread Sandwich

Love sandwiches but want to add some twist to it? How about deleting bread from the recipe? Well, we are not at all joking; this can be done! Here’s how chef Kunal Kapur brought in a crazy twist!

4. Veg Pancake

If you think one cannot make fluffy and tasty pancakes without eggs, you are wrong! Pancakes can be fluffy and vegetarian too! Check out this recipe by chef Kunal Kapur!

5. 10 Min Instant Ragi Dosa

Love dosas? But don’t know how to bring in variety? Why not try Ragi dosas? Here is how you can make healthy and tasty Ragi dosas in a maximum of 10 minutes! 

6. Super Fluffy Omelette

We seldom complain about our omelettes not being fluffy. How do you think chefs nail the fluffy omelettes every single time? Here’s how you can fix it quickly with tips from chef Kunal Kapur. 

7. Cheese Bread Rolls

Why eat boring bread sandwiches when you can make crispy bread rolls with cheese right at home? Try these delicious and quick bread rolls at home for breakfast. 

8. 5 Min Quick Dosa

Bored of normal dosas? Try making a chilla! Here’s how you can make moong chilla, commonly known as pessarattu, in just 5 minutes. 

9. Anda Paratha

Aloo Paratha, Lauki Paratha, Muli Paratha, and so much more! Why should vegetarians have all the fun? Here’s a quick egg recipe for all the people who love eggs for breakfast. 

10. Instant Rava Uttapam

No other breakfast can be easier and healthier than making uttapam. It is one of the most loved recipes from India’s southern state. 

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Which one are you eager to try?

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