Malaysian Diving Instructor Arrested For Molesting A Chinese Tourist Underwater

by Tejashee Kashyap
Malaysian Diving Instructor Arrested For Molesting A Chinese Tourist Underwater

In light of a new incident going viral on social media, a Malaysian diving instructor was arrested after a 24-year-old Chinese tourist accused him of molesting her during an underwater diving session. The incident has now gone viral on social media when it was shared on Facebook.

Diving Instructor Arrested After Tourist Lodges Complaint

A 27-year-old Malaysian diving instructor who is accused of abusing a Chinese tourist has been detained by police. According to Assistant Superintendent Arif Abdul Razak, the acting officer in charge of the district, the 24-year-old tourist said that the guy, who was working freelance, assaulted her when she was scuba diving in the seas near Semporna in Sabah state at around 1 pm on Friday. Even screenshots of alleged conversations between the victim and the accused have now gone viral.

According to South China Morning Post, prior to taking off for her return flight to China, the victim filed a police report in Semporna. The officer said that the independent diving instructor was detained at a residence at about 12.50 am on Sunday.
Authorities are looking into the incident under Section 354 of the Penal Code by employing criminal force against a woman’s modesty. The suspect is kept in custody until Thursday to help with the investigation.

The tragedy, according to Christina Liew, Minister of Tourism, Culture, and the Environment of Sabah, damaged the state’s tourism business just as it was beginning to recover from the epidemic. Liew described the incident as “regrettable” and said she wanted all tourism players to be responsible for protecting the image of the industry.

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A Similar Incident Once Happened In Mumbai

In a similar instance in Mumbai, a South Korean video blogger was harassed in the streets of Mumbai.

A video clip of her streaming shows a young man grabbing the blogger’s hand. She protests and manages to keep her calm as he draws closer, and repeatedly dodges unwelcome advances. As the video plays out, she tries to walk away. Her attacker returns, this time with another person on a two-wheeler, and offers her a lift to which she replies her vehicle is nearby.  However, the accused were granted bail on cash bonds.

Such incidences bring out the other side of any new place or city.

Cover image credits: Unsplash; Facebook/Tawauthings