Malaysian Mall Reopens After 50 Days To Find Mold Growing On Leather Goods

by Sanjana Shenoy 3155

Coronavirus has placed many countries under strict lockdowns. One effect of this is that many industries in these countries are facing huge losses. While small businesses are having a hard time facing these losses, big organizations are facing an all-time economic slowdown. So no one is spared from the consequences of this pandemic. However some countries are slowly reopening their businesses, while this is definitely some good news economically, it does come with its own set of hiccups. One example of this is, a Malaysian mall recently opened after 50 days, but unfortunately, a shop owner was shocked to find mold growing on leather goods.

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Mold Growing On Leather Goods In Malaysian Shop

At a shopping mall in Penang’s Pulau Tikus, a travel and cold wear store owner faced a lot of inconvenience due to mold growing on his merchandise. Mr Chong, the shop owner found mold growing on his wallets, bags, backpacks and other leather items when he opened his shop on May 11. However, the shop owner informed that the mold didn’t ruin the products and he was able to clean them with a piece of cloth and oil. He claims the mold might have grown due to humid temperature as the air conditioning of the mall was shut during the entire period of the lockdown. Since ACs weren’t functional during for around two months, water vapour in the air increased, and mould appeared all over the goods. 

Picture Credits: Twitter/@pranavgotiyo

On similar lines, another store owner at the same shopping mall in Malaysia informed the press that she found dust on her products when she opened her shop. She was unable to clean it before the lockdown started, so even though most of the items in her store are safe, they were quite dusty post lockdown. Before the lockdown restrictions were imposed, she managed to put her products inside storage with plastic covers to protect them, so they remained safe during the duration of the lockdown.

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Malaysian Authorities Make Sure Malls Follow Strict Protocols Post Lockdown

The Malaysian authorities are ensuring that all mall outlets will follow hygiene and safety protocols once they are opened to the public. This is done to avid any coronavirus related infections. Hand sanitizers will be provided to customers and temperatures will also be checked. Shopping malls and retailers are working hand in hand to bring back their customers. Prime Minister Muhyiddini Yassin had reacted swiftly during the coronavirus pandemic and did not wait for the situation to worsen. Malaysia has a total of 6,779 confirmed cases out of which 5,281 have recovered and 111 lost their lives. The rate of new infections in Malaysia is steadily reducing and the mortality remains low compared to other Southeast Asian countries and developed countries around the world. Did you know Coronavirus Test Results & Vaccination Compulsory For Future Travel To Schengen Countries?