Man Ditches Delhi’s T3 Airport Lounge & Amex Lounge, Picks Dilli Streat Over Them. Here’s Why!

by Shreya Rathod
Man Ditches Delhi’s T3 Airport Lounge & Amex Lounge, Picks Dilli Streat Over Them. Here’s Why!

We often take connecting flights — one, because there aren’t many choices of direct flights and two, because connecting ones are sometimes cheaper than direct flights. But what do you do when there is time to spare between two flights? Go to a lounge, right? But this Twitter user settled for food, especially for his favourite kulche from Dilli Streat.

Kulche Over Everything!

The Head Of Operations of Sarin & Co tweeted about his experience at Delhi Airport. Apparently, he was supposed to catch the Air Vistara flight but had time to spare. So, instead of going to a lounge, he decided to settle for his favourite kulche from Dilli Streat! But why skip the lounge? He reasons that due to free visits offered by credit card companies, the state of airport lounges is appalling. So, visiting the Delhi Airport Terminal 3 lounge was out of the question.

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He had decided to visit the Amex India lounge and found that their alcohol selection had increased compared to the last time. In addition to beer, wine is also offered there. But above everything, relishing your favourite food is the ultimate pleasure that you need. And to support this, one of the users shared his experience and wrote that Dilli Streat and Air Vistara are a nice combination. While others are relieved that there is another lounge option at the airport.

Delhi Streat & The Heavenly Food

Dilli Streat at the Delhi Airport is a nice restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and some iconic delicacies that you have grown up eating. And they offer decent service and have polite staff. They have a collection of all-day breakfast options like Chole Kulche, Mumbai Pav Bhaji, Puri With Aloo Bhaji, and more. Besides this, they serve parathas, chaat, mini meals and even biryani! And who can forget curries, an assortment of Indian bread and delicious gulab jamun? They even serve South Indian options like idli, dosa and uttapams that you should try.

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So, lounge or restaurant? Where will you go? And comment below to share your experience of airport and railway lounges.

Cover Image Courtesy: Camva Image & VT-VLO/ Twitter