Man Drives SUV Around Ladakh Lakes; Slammed For Disrupting Ecology

by Tooba Shaikh
Man Drives SUV Around Ladakh Lakes; Slammed For Disrupting Ecology

With all the climate change and urbanisation in the world, it has become increasingly important to save and protect whatever precious natural landscape we have left. Recently, a video went viral on social media which showed an SUV driving around and doing driving stunts around Ladakh lakes. This prompted a huge backlash on the Internet towards the driver of the SUV. Here’s the reason why the driver received such a massive backlash.

Man Drives SUV Around Ladakh Lakes Faces Backlash

Recently, a person was put on blast for disturbing the ecological balance of protected sites around two lakes in Ladakh. It all started when an influencer posted a video of them driving around and performing stunts with his SUV.

The video was reshared in a tweet which stated that not only is the driver damaging a Ramsar site by doing such foolish driving tricks but also that his story about the same had once before been taken down.

According to an article recently published by The Indian Express, the Ramsar sites in question were the areas around Tso Kar and Tso Moriri Lakes. These are nesting grounds for many birds and are protected. Driving so rashly around the natural habitat can also permanently damage these places.

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What Are Ramsar Sites?

Ramsar Sites are various spots around the globe that are given international importance and are protected. At such Ramsar sites, human intervention should be minimal. The tweet goes on to name the influencer who is behind the video.

It even gives the number of the SUV that the influencer was driving. The video provoked outrage from many Netizens who said that this was very irresponsible. Some suggested that unchecked tourism was to blame while others said that heavy fines should be imposed on such violators.

Many people even stated that such rash driving might have damaged many lifeforms that the seemingly barren land is teeming with. One suggested that Ladakh should ban vehicles altogether to prevent such an occurrence from happening again.

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Cover Image Credits: @Daak_Saab/Twitter