Man Finds A Rat Trapped Inside A Bread Packet Ordered From Blinkit. The Internet Is In Rage

by Shreya Ghosh
Man Finds A Rat Trapped Inside A Bread Packet Ordered From Blinkit. The Internet Is In Rage

Raise your hands if you are dependent on delivery platforms for grocery shopping. These days you do not need to put the extra effort to step outside and buy groceries as everything is just a click away. These door-to-door deliveries have made shopping easier and simpler than ever before. Unfortunately, there are some cases where many users have bad experiences such as receiving stale products. But this time, a man had a very weird experience while ordering from Blinkit. What really happened? Let’s take a look!

This Man Found A Rat Inside The Bread Packet

A Twitter user who goes by the username @NitinA14261863 shared his unusual experience of shopping from Blinkit, an online shopping platform. He found a rat trapped inside a bread packet. Isn’t that disgusting? Nitin Arora shared some photos of his experience. You can check these out here.

Captioning, “Most unpleasant experience with @letsblinkit, where alive rat was delivered inside the bread packet”, Nitin talked about how this situation is alarming for everyone. He placed his order on 1 February 2023 and it took only about 10 minutes to receive the parcel. He even shared a screenshot of his chat with the customer care service of Blinkit.

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Nitin further wrote if delivering products within 10 minutes comes with such baggage, then he would like to wait for some hours rather than waiting for only 10 minutes and experiencing such negligence.

Blinkit soon responded to this situation with a tweet.

Netizens Are Very Frustrated On Blinkit!

Twitterati is angry with the delivery platform for being so careless about delivering grocery products to the customers. This is a bad example of not caring and checking about what they are delivering. None of the people involved in packing and delivering saw a live rat trapped inside a bread packet. This unusual experience has really shocked Netizens and left them in confusion if anyone would want to place an online order for grocery products from Blinkit.

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Here are some reactions from Tweeple:

Have you ever had such unusual and unexpected experiences while ordering products from any online delivery platform? If yes, share your experiences.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Nitin Arora Twitter (@NitinA14261863)