Man Finds A ‘Whole Potato’ In A Packet Of Chips; Calls It ‘Survivor’

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy292

When you open a packet of chips, what do you expect to find? Chips right! Okay, perhaps a toy with the chips or an odd-looking chip. Well, Dr David Boyce, a physics teacher from the UK, found a whole potato in a packet of Kettle Chips. He was stunned to find the lonesome potato, sticking out like a sore thumb. But taking it humorously he called the potato, a survivor. Read on to know more about this baffling incident.

UK Man Finds An Entire Potato In Packet Of Kettle Chips

A physics teacher from the UK, Dr David Boyce took to Twitter after finding a lonesome potato in his packet of Kettle Chips. He can be seen holding a packet of a Kettle Chips packet of Mature Cheddar and Red Onion flavour with a tiny potato. Left hungry and in utter disbelief he revealed to LincolnshireLive that he initailly went blank on finding a whole potato in his chips packet. He wondered how ois this potato even there, but then he saw it as a “champion, a survivor who refused to be a crisp”. The caption of the picture describes David Boyce’s thought to make a 3D print and incorporate it into a statue, remnding him of the glorious moment when he discovered it.

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The Picture Goes Viral On Social Media

While the physics teachers admits it’s not his greatest discovery, he humoursly admits he’ll take what he gets. The picture instantly went viral on social media garnering over 500 likes and reactions from social media users. Kettle Chips asked the man to send a direct message so his team can look into it. David Boyce’s revealed it was unexpected for him but Kettle Chips can take the potato if they want to. Meanwhile, have you heard of a cheesy chips paratha in Oman?


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