Man Opens Emergency Exit Of South Korean Plane Carrying 194 Passengers Right Before Landing

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Man Opens Emergency Exit Of South Korean Plane Carrying 194 Passengers Right Before Landing

Flight passengers in mid-air creating nuisances is not something new these days. We have seen so many cases where drunk passengers have gone beyond their limits and caused problems on the flight. Another recent incident shows that a man opened the emergency exit door of a south korean plane mid-air on Friday. The man was later detained as his act caused nuisance to other passengers and was also against the rules.

Man Opens Emergency Exit Of South Korean Plane

A male passenger on an Asiana Airlines plane opened the emergency exit door mid-air. This incident happened just minutes before the plane was about to land in the city of Daegu. This act, for obvious reasons, caused panic among the passengers.

The Airbus A321-200 plane landed safely with the emergency exit door open. The plane took off from Jeju, a holiday island, and landed in Daeju. Some people on the plane did try to stop the passenger from opening the door, but they failed as the door was opened partially. 

The opening of the door caused a gust of wind to flow inside the cabin. The duration of the flight was just an hour, and it carried about 194 passengers from Jeju to Daegu. 

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Passengers Suffered Breathing Issues

The South Korean plane did land successfully and safely, but many passengers had to go through extreme discomfort.

It was reported that nine out of the 194 passengers on board suffered from breathing issues. They were all teenagers and were sent to the hospital as soon as the plane landed. They were reportedly on their way to a track and field competition.

A video shot by a passenger inside this plane shows the incident very clearly. The wind gushing inside the plane can be seen clearly in the video. Many passengers screamed in panic, while some complained of severe ear pain. Cabin crew members were seen asking for any doctors on board. 

The incident is currently under investigation for violating the aviation laws. (As per

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Cover Image Courtesy: wikimedia commons