Man Running Coffee Bar In Mumbai Wants To Take His Business Global; Netizens Root For His Success

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Man Running Coffee Bar In Mumbai Wants To Take His Business Global; Netizens Root For His Success

You all must have heard and followed the story of MBA Chai Wala’s Prafull Billore. His success story actually inspired many people to follow their passion, but not all of them could sustain the challenges that came. What it takes to build a success story is determination, hard work, ambition, and honesty. A Twitter user spotted all of this at a coffee vendor in Mumbai who runs a small ‘coffee bar’. 

Man Running Coffee Bar In Mumbai Wins Hearts

A Twitter user, @DPrashanthNair, posted a picture of a man running a small Coffee Bar’ in Mumbai. His little setup had a small board that attracted Prashanth’s attention. The board mentioned that it is the little stall owner’s dream to take ‘The Coffee Bar’ to the global market.

While posting his picture with his little stall, the user mentioned that he admires his dream and hopes that it comes true someday. He also said that there can be nothing better for a country than its young generation having such ambition and determination.

Prashanth posted this picture on X, a social media platform that was formerly known as Twitter.

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Gaining Encouragement And Love

The picture posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, has gained a lot of attention ever since it was posted. The post has so far received over 99.2K views. It has received nearly 7,000 likes as well.

Many people in the comments section asked about the location of this Coffee Bar. In one of the comments, Prashanth mentioned the place as Kandivali’s Thakur village. People shared their best wishes and encouraged him with their kind words.

One user also predicted that his coffee might be way better than Starbucks. Some people actually contributed to helping the guy reach his goals.

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What are your views?

Cover Image Courtesy: @DPrashanthNair/Twitter