3 Years, 1000 Days, UK Man Books World Tour On Cruise Ship To Save Money; Here’s How

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
3 Years, 1000 Days, UK Man Books World Tour On Cruise Ship To Save Money; Here’s How

You must have heard that people who love traveling or want to travel the entire world for once save their money to go on a world tour. It’s this once-in-a lifetime experience that they save all their hard-earned money for. A man in the UK also booked a 3-year-long world tour on a cruise ship to save money. Here’s how!

UK Man Books World Tour On Cruise Ship

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A UK man has made the decision to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey, a world tour that would take him to many locations in 1000 days. In addition to his passion for travel, he is also doing this to save money.

The idea of a journey is amazing because it is far less expensive to live there than it would have been back at his home in England. He also gets to visit different countries. The UK man, Adam, is an engineer in the medical field.

He will embark on a cruise ship in November to begin his round-the-world trip. From Istanbul, it will travel to cities like Shanghai and Montego Bay.

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No Payments, No Worries

Credits: Canva

He will be aboard the MV Lara, operated by Life at Sea Cruises and owned by Miray International. Their annual cruises start at 60,000 pounds and include excursions to all seven global wonders.

At first, he believed the offer to be a con. Adam will visit 382 locations, with Deception and Half Moon Islands in Antarctica being among his most anticipated stops. He claimed that he had always wanted to visit Antarctica and that a solo trip there would cost thousands of dollars. 

During the world tour on board, the man intends to finish writing his master’s dissertation in business administration. For the next three years, he wouldn’t have to worry about his washing, food, or chores, and he wouldn’t have to pay for the gym, the internet, electricity, rent, gas, doctor’s appointments, or concert tickets. (As per News 18)

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