“Thodi Si Aag Dena, Dal Maarke,” Say Netizens After Video Of Fire Daal From Haridwar Goes Viral

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
“Thodi Si Aag Dena, Dal Maarke,” Say Netizens After Video Of Fire Daal From Haridwar Goes Viral

Dal, or daal, is one of the most loved dishes in India. Dal chawal is the comfort food of many people in the country. With so much innovation, invention, and creativity in food dishes, we have seen fire pan, but have you tried fire daal? Well, yes, it does exist. A short clip from Haridwar has gone viral where a street food vendor is seen selling fire daal, and it does look tempting. 

Video Of Fire Daal From Haridwar Goes Viral


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The little video depicts a street food vendor making some daal. He is standing with a plate of daal. The person in front of the camera then moves a ladle toward the dal while it is presumably partially aflame and filled with ghee or oil. 

The merchant then fills the ladle with additional ingredients, and we witness the stunning result. After adding the contents of the ladle to the dal plate, the street vendor stirs the food to give it a smokey flavor.

The vendor also serves chole kulche and a special soup that is complimentary with the dish you order. People from various places come down to this place in Haridwar just to try this fire daal. 

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People Are Intrigued 

Credits: @foodkars/instagram

The video of this fire daal from Haridwar is making the rounds on social media. The way it is served on a couple of leaves is also very interesting. The viral video was posted on Instagram by @foodkars and has by far garnered over 25.3K views and over 1000 likes. 

If you take a look at the comments section, many people are intrigued by this idea and the way the street vendor is serving this fire daal. Many people appreciated his skills and simplicity as well. 

One of the users jokingly said, Serve me some fire with daal in it. There were also people who had already tried it. They were recommending it to others because of its amazing smokey flavor.

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Cover Image Courtesy: @foodkars/Instagram