World’s Only Veg Michelin-Starred Restaurant From Dubai Is Coming To India; Details Inside

by Mallika Khurana

Getting an authentic Michelin-starred dining experience is on all of our bucket lists, isn’t it? While we may not have that opportunity at our disposal all the time, Delhiites and Punekars are in luck. In a remarkable collaboration with Conosh, a renowned platform for curated culinary experiences, Taj Mahal Hotel Delhi and Conrad Pune are bringing you Avatara from Dubai. This groundbreaking pop-up event promises to redefine India’s dining landscape. A culinary extravaganza, it will unveil a remarkable fusion of flavours and experiences, featuring the world’s first and only Michelin-starred pure vegetarian Indian cuisine restaurant. 

Michelin-Starred Avatara Lands In India


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With its unique approach and commitment to culinary excellence, Avatara sets the stage for a remarkable dining experience within its lavish environs. This extraordinary culinary event, “Avatara,” is an avant-garde 12-course vegetarian dining experience that promises to redefine the fine dining scene in India. It unveils a unique gastronomic journey in the form of the world’s first and only Michelin-starred pure vegetarian Indian cuisine restaurant.

This pioneering culinary concept is set to captivate your taste buds and elevate your dining experiences. The meticulously crafted 12-course vegetarian dinner is a true testament to Avatara’s dedication to culinary excellence. Notably, this culinary showcase is distinct for being curated without the use of onion and garlic. It is certainly a rarity in traditional Indian culinary practices.

Leading this culinary revolution is Chef Rahul Rana, a virtuoso in the realm of vegetarian concepts within the culinary world. With a background in curating innovative vegetarian culinary experiences, Chef Rahul brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to Avatara’s offerings.

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A Fusion Of Luxury And Culinary Mastery

Avatara Dubai

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Pune’s and Delhi’s epicurean enthusiasts can expect an extraordinary evening marked by a symphony of flavours and culinary presentations. Every plate of these creations will make you wonder if it’s food or art. Known for their opulent hospitality, the Taj Mahal Hotel, Delhi, and Conrad Pune take pride in their exclusive partnership with Conosh. This collaboration ensures an unparalleled dining experience for you. 

For an evening that combines culinary skills and a luxurious vibe, book a slot right away!

Where: Zeera, Conrad Pune | Varq, Taj Mahal Hotel, Delhi
When: 24th and 25th August 2023 | 19th & 20th August 2023
Timing: 6:30 pm & 9:30 pm | 6:30 pm & 9:30 pm
Cost: ₹8,000 ++ | ₹10,000 ++

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release