“Time To Go Again To the Restaurant Personally”, Says Customer After Bad Experience With Zomato

by Shreya Ghosh
“Time To Go Again To the Restaurant Personally”, Says Customer After Bad Experience With Zomato

There are tons of food delivery companies providing services all around India. Among all of these names, only a few have established their presence in the entire country. Though they have made our lifestyle easier as we can now buy products and get them delivered to our doorstep, customers often face issues due to virtual communication as well. A Zomato customer shared his experience of not receiving the entire order.

The Customer Received An Incomplete Order

Taking to the social media platform ‘X’, Rahul Verma (@Rhl_verma) shared how he received only half of his order. To clarify the entire incident, he even added a screenshot of his conversation with Zomato Support. To know more about the mishap of this breakfast order, read here.

Rahul Verma placed an order for poori and a vegetable dish on Zomato for his breakfast. He was supposed to receive both the food items as expected, instead, he received only pooris and not all the things that he ordered online. To raise his concern about receiving the incomplete order, he contacted Zomato Support and had a conversation with them regarding the solution to this unexpected issue.

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As shared in the screenshot, Rahul asked the Support “What I will do of the half order”. He further added in the chat that someone can get some collected back.

This Is What Zomato Support Did About This Incident

Picture credit- Canva

It looks like it did not provide a solution to Rahul after this miserable experience of getting an incomplete breakfast parcel. Not only the delivery guy forgot to deliver Rahul’s complete order but the Zomato Executive also refused to help him, as Rahul tweeted. “We cannot undo the experience or reverse back the wasted time, but we are committed to improving our services so that we can serve you better the next time. I sincerely apologise for this experience though.”, wrote Zomato Support in reply to Rahul’s concern. The text further read, “Hope so, I was able to help you. Hope you understand I tried my level best to help you.”

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Have you ever faced such an experience while placing an order using any of these online food delivery apps?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva, Twitter/ Rahul Verma (@Rhl_verma)