Man Urinates Behind Car Door During Heavy Traffic Congestion; Video Goes Viral

Video of a man urinating while waiting in a traffic jam are making rounds on social media.

by Shreya Ghosh
Man Urinates Behind Car Door During Heavy Traffic Congestion; Video Goes Viral

Following rules and regulations and behaving like a proper citizen are some of our topmost responsibilities and should be our priorities as well. Not abiding by basic regulations is incorrect and a recent incident of a man stuck in traffic has shocked Netizens. A viral video shows a man who urinated behind his car door while waiting in a long traffic. It seems unbelievable but sadly, it is true.

A Man Urinated On The Road During A Messy Traffic Jam

Taking to Instagram, THE ADULT SOCIETY (@adultsociety) shared the video of a man carelessly peeing while he was waiting in a long traffic congestion.


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A post shared by THE ADULT SOCIETY (@adultsociety)

Long hours of waiting in endless traffic is a major issue that many bustling cities face probably every day, especially during rush hours. Unfortunately, these incidents can turn out to be a mess for people facing any diseases or other issues. And the situation can go intensively wrong if someone needs to urinate or use the washroom for other reasons.

A recently viral reel shows how a man stood out of his car behind the vehicle’s front door and started urinating on the road while standing amid hundreds of other cars and vehicles all around him. Just like you and me, everyone present over there was taken aback by a major shock seeing the man doing something like this on a crowded road, that too in the middle of other commuters.

We are unsure about the exact location where this absurd incident took place recently. The Instagram page shared the reel with the music Ye Delhi Hai Mere Yaar of the movie Delhi-6 playing in the background.

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The Man Was Not Bothered About Anything At All

Man Urinates Behind Car Door
Picture credit- Instagram/ THE ADULT SOCIETY (@adultsociety)

From the short clip of the man urinating on such a crowded road making rounds on the Internet, it looks like he was not at all attentive, hesitant, or concerned about other commuters’ reactions waiting beside, behind, and in front of his cars. Many people around him were shockingly looking at him during that incident but he had no reactions.

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What do you think of this man urinating on a road in a situation like this?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ THE ADULT SOCIETY (@adultsociety)

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