Marine Drive – Where Mumbai Unites Daily

by Natasha Monteiro
Marine Drive – Where Mumbai Unites Daily

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Mumbai’s pride – Marine Drive is where memories are made, promises are built and sorrows are forgotten!

What Is It?

Marine Drive is synonymous with Mumbai. From movies to photos to selfies – the sign of having made it in Mumbai is to have a view of Marine Drive from your balcony. While a house facing the Arabian Sea may cost about ₹25 crores, the promenade is absolutely free! The C-shaped stone wall is where you need to be to watch the sun set over the horizon, to take in the lifestyle of the rich and the famous and to probably slow down in the city that never sleeps.

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What Else?

Marine Drive is over a 100 years old and has been built on reclaimed land. There was once a time when there were no takers for the houses at Marine Drive because it was too expensive. However after partition, a lot of wealthy NRIs came to Bombay and invested in flats here. Did you know that the Prince Of Baroda still has a house on Marine Drive?

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Marine Drive is probably one of the prettiest sea-side boulevards in the country and is home to a million memories.


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