Marketeers Must Think Of Masculine Campaigns If They Want More Men To Turn Vegan: Study

by Tooba Shaikh
Marketeers Must Think Of Masculine Campaigns If They Want More Men To Turn Vegan: Study

There is sufficient research now which shows that veganism is not only good for the health of humans but is also good for the health of the planet. However, a vast majority of people are still averse to veganism, if not straight-up dismissive of it. Reasons for this are as diverse as the people themselves. Interestingly though, a vast majority of vegans are non-male people. Recent research has some suggestions as to how more men can be turned vegan.

Masculine Marketing Might Help Men Turn Vegan

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If you’re an attentive person, you must have noticed that in many cultures, eating meat is linked to more masculine behaviour. This phenomenon is also observed in India, even though a vast majority of the country is vegetarian.

In the West, too, eating steaks is viewed as masculine while plant-based food is perceived to be more feminine. According to an article recently published in mid-day, research suggests that marketing veganism and vegan food as more masculine might help in getting men to adopt veganism.

A research team from Germany’s Universities of Bamberg and Wurzburg recruited participants. They were asked to rate the suitability of certain dishes for men and women. These food items were described using words which are traditionally associated with masculine dishes.

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Link Between Food And Gender Identity

men vegan
Image Credits: Canva Images

The research found that although men’s preferences for vegan dishes did not change when more masculine language was employed, their perception of the dish did change. This indicated that marketing vegan food items and veganism as masculine might convince more men to turn vegan.

It is important to note, however, that the research was done on a limited sample. Findings might probably differ if large-scale research were to be done.

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Do you know any men who are vegans or want to turn into one? Let us know in the comments below!

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