Martyr’s Mother Loses Handbag Inside Bangalore Airport Toilet; CISF Officer Comes To The Rescue

by Sanjana Shenoy
Martyr’s Mother Loses Handbag Inside Bangalore Airport Toilet; CISF Officer Comes To The Rescue

One of the biggest fears flyers have is misplacing their belongings at the airport. Once they leave the destination, the chances of retrieving their belongings are less. Recently, a woman flying at Bangalore airport forgot her bag with her wallet and keys in the washroom. But this story has a happy ending, a very happy one! In no less than 10 minutes she got it back thanks to a Central Industrial Security Force ( CISF) Officer.

CISF Officer Helps Woman Retrieve Lost Handbag In Bangalore Airport

Meghna Girish is the mother of Major Akshay Girish, an Army Officer who passed away while on duty in the Nagrota terror attack in 2016. Recently, she recollected an incident on X (formerly Twitter) which would probably bring a smile to the faces of Netizens. She stated about the time when she was at Bangalore Airport, past midnight.

At that time, the woman forgot her handbag which had her wallet and house keys in a washroom at the airport. Once she stepped out of the airport, she realised that she had left her bag which also had important documents inside the washroom. However, passengers aren’t permitted to enter the building once they have stepped out. So, Meghna Girish was unable to rush back and retrieve her belongings.

That’s when help arrived in the form of a CISF officer. He assured he that she will get her bag back. And that’s not all, he told her that even a pin won’t get lost at the airport. While the woman had to wait outside the Bangalore Airport, the CISF officer directed the Vistara ground staff to find her handbag.

He made sure her ID cards in the bag matched her boarding card on the phone. She gratefully yet sheepishly thanked them and heaved a sigh of relief and took a cab back home. The best part? She got her handbag back in just 10 minutes! Meghna Girish further added that all her stress vanished in 10 minutes. She lauded the airport staff for their efficiency, calm confidence and smiling effort and stated that perhaps you won’t get this anywhere in the world. We agree!

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Netizens Praise The Airport Staff & Narrate Similar Incidents

Meghna even shared a picture of the CISF officer who helped her retrieve her bag. Netizens took to the comments section to laud the airport staff. One person commented on a stark difference in the USA where officers apparently embarrass passengers for forgetting their belongings. And seldom help to retrieve it.

Many others saluted the CISF officers for their efficiency. And then some even narrated their incidents where airport staff in India went out of their way to help passengers get back their lost bags.

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Meanwhile, have you ever faced such incidents? Do share your stories with us.

Cover Image Courtesy: @megirish2001/ X