Matcha Lovers, Check Out This Bandra Cloud Kitchen’s Tropical Matcha & Fresh Lime Matcha & More

by Mallika Khurana
Matcha Lovers, Check Out This Bandra Cloud Kitchen’s Tropical Matcha & Fresh Lime Matcha & More

We have all heard of matcha, a miraculous green tea powder that turns into creamy lattes and flavourful desserts. Along with a lot of benefits, like high antioxidant content, this amazing ingredient is widely enjoyed in East Asia. But now Mumbaikars have a chance to savour it as well. Tokyo Matcha Bar, a newly launched cloud kitchen in Bandra, is here to treat you to amazingly crafted delicacies.

Tokyo Matcha Bar Is Coming To Mumbai

Matcha in Mumbai
Photo Credits: Press Release

In the city of dreams, Tokyo Matcha Bar is the best way to rejoice in all that the monsoon brings. Ritual Daily Coffee’s second venture, focusing on an ingredient-specific menu, will offer the city the creamy goodness of matcha. This cloud kitchen has been launched with the aim of providing a soothing alternative for those who don’t drink coffee.

As soon as you try any of their matcha-infused drinks, you will quickly develop an undeniable adoration for these drinks with Japanese influences. The delivery kitchen has already begun operations via Swiggy and will soon be available on Zomato as well.

At the core of everything it does, is this cloud kitchen’s vow to provide the city with the best matcha products. In order to give their customers an authentic and unforgettable matcha experience, the team is bringing ceremonial-grade matcha, renowned for its unmatched excellence, straight from Tokyo.

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Indulge In The Creamiest Matcha Drinks

Matcha Bar
Photo Credits: Press Release

Tokyo Matcha Bar offers a variety of enticing matcha-infused teas and lattes. Customers can choose from mouthwatering options like Himalayan Pink Salt Matcha, Matcha Vanilla Bean Latte, Matcha Honey Latte, Matcha Milk Tea, and more. For those seeking a cool treat, there are three different frappe options available: Matcha, Sea Salt, and Salted Caramel Matcha.

They also offer options for those in need of coolers, such as Valencia Orange Matcha, Tropical Matcha, Wild Berry Matcha Iced Tea, and Fresh Lime Matcha. In addition, coffee connoisseurs can indulge in classic Tokyo drinks like the Latte, Cappuccino, and Americano.

Tokyo Matcha Bar will allow matcha lovers and tea connoisseurs all over India to enjoy matcha in a brand-new way.

Where: Bandra, Mumbai (Order via Zomato or Swiggy)
When: 8 am – 11 pm
Cost: ₹500 (For two)

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release