This Macaroni-Filled Samosa Has Even Swiggy Saying “Kuch Toh Sharam Karo”

by Sanjana Shenoy
This Macaroni-Filled Samosa Has Even Swiggy Saying “Kuch Toh Sharam Karo”

Another day, another blasphemous food trend. At a time when new fusion dishes and food trends pop up like daisies on the Internet, no dish is safe — especially not your favourite ones. Recently, a viral video of a macaroni-filled samosa has taken the Internet by storm, offending both macaroni and samosa fans alike. Check it out!

Macaroni-Filled Samosa Takes Over Internet

Digital Creator, Dilli ka chaska took to their Instagram page @dillikachaska to share a video of a macaroni-filled samosa. In the caption of the video, it mentions ‘where did the aloo go? Find it!” In the video, you can see a pair of hands breaking open a golden-brown crispy samosa only to find tomato-sauce-filled macaroni in place of the classic spiced potato. Now, that’s a surprise no one was looking forward to, at all!

Garnering over 7 million views on Instagram, this video seemed to disappoint samosa lovers beyond all bounds. Even Swiggy India commented, “have some shame”. We definitely agree! Another Netizen goes on to comment that they get samosas-filled noodles in their school canteen. Some others started  #JusticeForSamosa. Yet another Instagrammer hilariously commented that it looks like the samosa’s intestines came out. Some even said they were heartbroken after watching this video where samosas were filled with macaroni.

But then interestingly, there were a minority of people who seemed to want to give this fusion dish a try. One person comments that macaroni could be a healthier option than potato, in their opinion. Another person actually might be tasty as the pasta looked tasty.

A Delhi Joint Also Has Samosas Filled With Paneer Curry

This isn’t the first time, @dillikachaska shared a video of an unusual samosa. Earlier the food page shared a video of a samosa filled with paneer curry. Ram G Samosa with multiple outlets in Delhi serves this paneer-curry filled samosa for ₹22, where you can get 1 paneer piece in your snack. As you guessed there were mixed reactions on this.

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Meanwhile, would you ever dare to try samosas filled with paneer or macaroni? Do you believe no one should mess around with the sacred traditional, samosa recipe? We certainly belong to the latter group, what about you?

Cover Image Courtesy: @dillikachaska/ Instagram