McDonald UAE Celebrates FIFA Fans, Taste World-Wide Dishes With The Launch Of ‘All Fans Menu’

All fans menu
by Deeplata Garde 98

Inspired by the ongoing FIFA spirit, the global fast-food chain, McDonald’s has decided to contribute something to the fans. McDonald UAE has decided to launch a new ‘All Fans Menu’ to celebrate FIFA fans across UAE. The official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup is bringing global flavours to UAE.  Eager to know the items on the new menu? Keep scrolling to know more.

McDonald’s Entices FIFA Crowd With Its New Menu Called ‘All Fans Menu’


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The launch of this new limited-edition menu for football fans came as a surprise for the Emiratis. The flavours of the world will be reflected on the McDonald’s UAE menu. Despite the dishes being from around the world, the meat used would be Halal as per the UAE customs.

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What’s On The Menu?

All Fans Menu

Pic Creds: Mcdonalds UAE

There’s food, drinks and dessert on the menu. Sound’s like a whole meal isnt it? Well, it’s always a meal when it’s McDonald’s. But don’t fret you can always choose a la carte.

Finally the big reveal! The menu consists of,

1. Big Tasty Chicken, Egypt

2. Mc Shaker Fries, US

3. Camembert Bites, France

4. Apple Mint McFizz, South Africa

5. Dulce De Leche Sundae, South American

This limited edition menu is set to run until the end of the FIFA tournament this year. The last day of availability for this new ‘All Fans Menu’ would be 18th December 2022.

It doesn’t matter if you are a football fan or not, but we are sure you are a McDonald’s fan. So in that case go ahead and enjoy this special menu while it lasts.

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