Meet Kajal Kothari, A Mumbai-Based Creator Who Quit Her Cushy Corporate Career To Follow Her Passion

by Tooba Shaikh
Meet Kajal Kothari, A Mumbai-Based Creator Who Quit Her Cushy Corporate Career To Follow Her Passion

It is not often that you hear of people who are courageous enough to venture into the unknown in order to follow their passion. It is very easy to give excuses as to why you cannot create your dream life, but Kajal Kothari is not one of those people. This Mumbai-based content creator knew what she wanted and was unafraid to pursue it. Meet Kajal Kothari, a fashion, travel, and lifestyle content creator whose best is yet to come.

Kajal Kothari Pursued Her Passion Fearlessly

Born and brought up in Gujarat, Kajal Kothari always knew that her passion was travelling. Visiting new places, trying food from different cultures, and meeting people from different walks of life have all invigorated her like nothing else ever has. Meeting new people and trying to understand them has always fascinated her.

Perhaps that’s why she came to Mumbai and pursued a degree in Psychology from Sophia College. In order to upskill herself, she completed a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management from London and started working at a UK-based multinational corporation in India.

During her 8-year tenure, she received multiple awards and accolades for her outstanding service. Everyone thought that this would be it. She would continue to work at her nice, cushy career in an MNC and be done. However, Kajal’s passion for food and travelling could not be smothered.

After spending 8 years of her life at a comfortable corporate career, she decided to quit it and pursue content creation full-time. Thus began her foray into the exciting unknown!

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Innumerable Accomplishments In Only 6 Years

It has been six years since and her career in food and travel content creation speaks for itself. She has close to 600k followers on Instagram who ardently support her endeavours. She has partnered with about 500 brands and has collaborated with many properties, both inside the country and abroad.

She has been featured in many newspapers and magazines for her brilliance as well as her beauty. Since she has done some freelance modelling as well, she has been featured in multiple publications. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she helped in raising awareness about the pandemic and was featured in newspapers for her efforts.

In 2021, she was also featured in a music video which added another feather to her cap. But this is just the beginning. With talent as diverse as her career, she is ready to live out her dreams the way she has always wanted to.

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Cover Image Credits: Kajal Kothari/Instagram