Melbourne Man Violates Lockdown & Travels 32Kms For Butter Chicken, Fined ₹86,000

by Kanika Sharma
Melbourne Man Violates Lockdown & Travels 32Kms For Butter Chicken, Fined ₹86,000

How far will you go to have butter chicken? Well, a man decided to break the lockdown and head to a restaurant to satisfy his craving for butter chicken. The result, he was slapped with a fine of $1652 AUD (₹86,000). But he also got free butter chicken supply for a year. Intrigued? Here’s what happened.

Melbourne Man Breaks Lockdown To Eat Butter Chicken

Noel Atkinson, is a Melbourne resident who decided to violate lockdown rules, because he really wanted to satiate his craving for butter chicken. In an attempt to that, he drove down to a nearby restaurant that is located 32 kms from where he was staying. According to news reports, he was pulled over by the cops just metres before he could reach the destination. He was then slapped with a fine of a whooping $1652 AUD (₹86,000) for violating the rules.

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Atkinson is half Indian, who grew up in Ambala, eating home-cooked food. Wanted to get his hands on the butter chicken, he realised that none of the restaurants in his neighbourhood were open. Also, it was past 11PM. He then decided to go to this one restaurant which was located at a distance from his home. He decided to go ahead with it as nothing could come between him and butter chicken.

The Owner Of The Restaurant Will Be Giving Atkinson Free Supply Of Butter Chicken For A Year

Amit Teteja, the owner of the restaurant (Desi Dhaba) that Atkinson was driving to was quite elated to hear about the man’s devotion to the dish. In conversation with the Times of India, he mentioned that he will be providing him free butter chicken for a year, until Atkinson is able to visit the restaurant again once the lockdown is lifted. As the word soon spread, people on Twitter branded the dish as ‘the most expensive butter chicken in the world’.

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Atkinson, was further reported as saying, that he would be contesting the fine in a local court. He did mention to the cops that there was no food at home and all nearby restaurants were shut. However, the cops slapped the fine and asked him to return home.

This definitely does seem like going through a lot of trouble to satisfy the craving of butter chicken. What would you have done?