8 Migratory Birds That Come To India Every Year And Where To Spot Them!

Encounter the elegance of flamingos and the vibrancy of bee-eaters in serene sanctuaries and picturesque landscapes.

by Mallika Khurana
8 Migratory Birds That Come To India Every Year And Where To Spot Them!

As winter sets its gentle grip upon the Indian subcontinent, a phenomenon unfolds across its diverse landscapes. This grand avian migration paints the skies and waters with vivid hues and mesmerising symphonies. From the elegant grace of the Greater Flamingos to the vibrant flights of the Blue-Tailed Bee-Eaters, India has become a celestial haven for migratory birds, offering a breathtaking spectacle that captivates hearts and imaginations alike. These migratory birds bring beauty and a sense of wonder, inviting us to witness their fleeting presence.

Beautiful Migratory Birds In India

1. Greater Flamingo

Greater Flamingo
Photo Credits: Canva

The Greater Flamingo, renowned for its stunning pink plumage and graceful stature, stands as the largest of all flamingo species. As these magnificent birds migrate to India, the Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary in Gujarat becomes a spectacle. Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary and Thol Bird Sanctuary also host these beauties, offering a chance to witness their serene presence against picturesque backdrops.

2. Great White Pelican

Migratory Birds
Photo Credits: Canva

The Great White Pelican, with its impressive wingspan and majestic flight, graces Indian shores during the winter. These pelicans establish colonies and exhibit amazing group behaviour in the calm wetlands of Assam. Imagine these birds gathering in the peaceful lakes of Uttar Pradesh, displaying their characteristic long beaks and large throat pouches. Their appearance is proof of the complex harmony of nature and a visual treat.

3. Ruff

Photo Credits: Canva

The ruff is a wading bird whose colourful plumage adorns Barkheda Lake and Sukhsagar Lake. These lakes are transformed into colourful canvases in the winter months when ruffs show off their diverse breeding plumage, creating a mosaic of colours along the shores. Imagine spending a peaceful morning by the lake, where the birds’ striking contrast with the still waters makes for an amazing sight that will captivate both birdwatchers and photographers.

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4. Gadwall

Migratory Birds
Photo Credits: Canva

The Gadwalls’ winter quarters are Bhopal and the magnificent Chilika Lake. Mixing with other migratory waterfowl, these endearing ducks, with their beautiful feathers, grace the waters with their presence. Imagine the scene as large flocks of gadwalls sail across Chilika Lake, their graceful movements enhancing the area’s stunning landscape.

5. Bluethroat

Photo Credits: Canva

The Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, provides a haven for the bluethroat, a small passerine bird with vivid colours. These charming birds show off their vivid orange and blue feathers among the marshes and woodlands of the park. You will be immersed in the tranquil allure of the park’s natural beauty as a result of their mesmerising calls, which resonate through the atmosphere. 

6. Spotted Redshank

Migratory Birds
Photo Credits: Canva

Throughout the winter, the spotted redshanks add a sophisticated touch to the waterways of Haryana. These graceful wading birds add a touch of elegance to the scenery with their sleek, black-spotted feathers. Imagine these birds grazing along the shorelines with grace, bringing a sense of peace to the environment.

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7. Blue-Tailed Bee-Eater

Blue-Tailed Bee-Eater
Photo Credits: Canva

In winter, the colourful blue-tailed bee-eaters take over southern India like a playground. Their vibrant, blue and green-hued flights across the skies make for a beautiful sight set against the lush surroundings. Watch their acrobatic hunting as they swoop to catch insects, bringing vibrant bursts of activity and colour to otherwise serene landscapes.

8. Rosy Pelican

Rosy Pelican
Photo Credits: Canva

During winter, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana welcome the rosy pelicans. These birds decorate lakes and other bodies of water with their beautiful colours and elegant appearance. Picture the peace and quiet of a lakeside scene where graceful birds are floating or gathering in groups to create a vision of beauty and tranquillity among the surrounding natural scenery.

For birdwatchers and nature lovers who are lucky enough to witness their seasonal visits, each of these migratory birds adds its own distinct charm to India’s winter landscapes.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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