5 Mistakes That Could Make You Shell Out Extra At The Airport

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Mistakes That Could Make You Shell Out Extra At The Airport

Travelling by flight is surely one of the most expensive modes of transportation. We are already paying a lot of money while booking our tickets to reach our destination comfortably and in just a few hours. But the flight tickets are not the only thing that we spend a lot of money on. There are a plethora of options inside an airport to explore and while exploring we end up spending a lot. In fact, we always do some very common mistakes that seem unavoidable, and these end up costing us a good chunk of money. The mistakes that we have done inside an airport can not be changed now. Instead, what we can do is avoid these mistakes and save the unnecessary expenditure inside an airport. Avoid these 5 mistakes to not shell out an extra penny at the airport.

1. Excess & Overweight Baggage In The Airport

One thing that is common for most passengers while boarding a flight is carrying excessive luggage. Every airline has a specific weight for the checked bags and they do not allow to carry bags heavier than that for free. If you pack properly, keeping in mind the specific weight, then you can avoid this unexpected situation. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra or sit at the airport and repack your luggage. We are sure you do not want to face any of these inconveniences while travelling.

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2. Not Bringing Reusable Water Bottles To The Airport

If you carry a reusable bottle with you, then there is no need to buy water bottles from the airport. Everything inside the airport is costlier and you will end up spending a lot of money to quench your thirst. Bring your own bottle and you will get many water stations inside the airport where you can get water and you do not need to spend a lot of money anymore.

3. Improper Parking Spots

The most basic thing that can cost you a huge amount in airports is parking. A parking lot can burn a huge hole in your pocket. If possible, park your car a bit away from the airport and you will end up saving money. In fact, there are some parking websites that you can use for parking for a long period of time. Also, avoid parking in the closest parking lot as these areas are the costliest.

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4. Utilise All The Amenities & Access

Frequent flyers have the opportunity to get access to many amenities for free. These passengers sometimes get access to many vouchers and amenities that help them to not spend on something unnecessary. In fact, using your credit card while flying can be beneficial as you will get access to the airport lounges where you can get a lot of things for free.

airport lounge

5. Shopping Inside Airports

Shop as much as you want to but make sure to do it outside the airport. Everything that you see inside the airport is more expensive than in the normal market and it is no way reasonable to spend extra for the same things that you are getting outside too. Just because it is duty-free does not always mean that you are paying less.