Modi Temple Built By His Supporters In Rajkot Invoke Respect And Belief

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Modi Temple Built By His Supporters In Rajkot Invoke Respect And Belief

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This temple in Rajkot is built by the supporters of Narendra Modi to highlight respect and belief in his work.

What Is It?

Added as a new attraction, the people of Kothadia village in Rajkot have a new ritual for spending their Sunday evenings. A temple to worship Narendra Modi has been built to invoke respect and belief as part of their dedication towards the PM. The temple with Modi’s idol stands tall on the Kothariya road.

Earlier they used to worship his photographs, but now they worship his idol which has been successfully installed in the temple to extend their devotedness.

Although, the PM, himself, has expressed his concerns as to why this temple has been constructed in the first place. He has shared his views and said that it is against the Indian culture to build such temples and that he is unhappy about it.

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Image Credits: FirstPost

What’s In It?

An organisation of 350 local youths contributed around  ₹1.7 lakh required to make the idol which took nearly 4 years to work on by an artisan from Odisha.

The temple also partakes in performing aartis which take place twice daily at 6:00 am and 7:00 pm calling in people from the entire region. Around 150-300 people report daily to extend their adherence towards the PM. It is said to be most crowded in the evenings with devotees coming in from the neighbouring village as well.

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Where: Rajkot, Gujarat
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