Monday Blues? Viral Video Of Dinosaurs Dancing On Nach Punjaban At Pakistan Amusement Park Is Your Solution!

A video from Pakistan's Dino World has taken over social media and Netizens are amused to witness dinosaurs dancing bhangra.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Monday Blues? Viral Video Of Dinosaurs Dancing On Nach Punjaban At Pakistan Amusement Park Is Your Solution!

What happens in Pakistan, definitely doesn’t stay in Pakistan! And why should it, if it will put a smile to your face? Recently,  a video of a Faisalabad vendor preparing 3D-printed jalebis caught the attention of even Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra. This time, there’s a video of dinosaurs dancing on ‘Nach Punjaban’ at a Pakistan amusement park which has not only gone viral but also promised to drive away Monday blues.

Dinosaurs Dance On Nach Punjaban At Dino World In Pakistan


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What comes to your mind when you think of dinosaurs? Pre-historic gigantic-sized creatures with sharp teeth and a humungous appetite? Or perhaps you instantly think about Steven Spielberg’s classic film, “Jurassic Park”? Well, that’s about to change all thanks to a viral video from Pakistan. Once you watch this video, the image of dinosaurs doing bhangra, will never leave your mind. Blame us for ruining dinosaurs for you!

A video originally shared on TikTok shows an amusing performance by “dinosaurs” at Dino World in Islamabad, Pakistan. You can see four workers from the amusement park dressed in massive dinosaur costumes breaking into a bhangra dance on the song ‘Nach Punjaban’. Watching the large, scary creatures putting up an entertaining show on the popular Punjabi track left the audience in stitches.

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Netizens Say, “Pakistan Is NOT For Beginners”

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And that’s not all, Netizens from Pakistan, India and all across the world, couldn’t help but watch the viral video in disbelief. The video shared by Instagrammer @imjustbesti shows onlookers smirking, clapping, recording the dance video on their phones and just surrounding the happy dancing dinosaurs. This dance-off between four dinosaurs at Pakistan’s Dino Park is a Jurassic bhangra performance no one asked for. But who’s complaining anyway if it’s going to drive away our Monday blues?

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Instagrammers couldn’t help but share their hilarious opinions on the dancing dinosaurs in Pakistan. One Instagrammer demanded a proper dinosaur movie from Pakistan. Another asked, “What in the Jurassic Park is going on?” A Netizen said it reminded them of their cousin’s mehndi function. Then again, an Instagrammer said that Pakistan is not for beginners as T-Rex is dancing bhangra.

Meanwhile, Netizens do tell us whether this video of dancing dinosaurs from Pakistan drives away your Monday blues?

Cover Image Courtesy: @imjustbesti/ Instagram

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