5 Most Iconic Food Outlets In Bangalore That Have Been Around For Decades

by Sushmita Mahanta
5 Most Iconic Food Outlets In Bangalore That Have Been Around For Decades

Although Bangalore has adapted a strong cosmopolitan culture, it still serves a taste of nostalgia through its food scene. A mixed pot of culture and cuisine, Bangalore will let you experience some of the celebrated food establishments. Here is a list of the 5 most iconic food outlets in Bangalore that have stood the test of time.

1. Frazer Town Biryani Tour

Food lovers in Bangalore are thrilled to get the authentic taste of the Middle East at the Frazer Town Biryani Tour. Located in the old part of the city, this one tops the list of the most iconic food outlets. The place is also popular for its extensive menu. Mutton biryani along with Mirchi ka Salan and Raita has to be on the top of your order.  You can also find a variety of kebabs to suit your palate.

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2. Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

One of the most iconic food outlets in the city is Brahmin’s Coffee Bar. Holding a 52-year-old history, this cozy space has been serving tumblers of filter coffee across all age groups and social statuses. It’s also very touching to know that many customers don’t just visit Brahmin’s for quick Instagram moments of fame but because they truly understand and appreciate its history.

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3. Koshy’s

If you go ahead and ask any native Bengalurean about the OG player of the food scene, you will get only one answer – Koshy’s. One of the most iconic food outlets in Bangalore, Koshy’s cafe and restaurant is a legacy in itself. It is kept alive since the 1940s and is currently run by the grandsons of the founder PO Koshy. Situated in the beautiful St. Mark’s Church and Church Street, this one will surely please the foodie in you.


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4. Johnson Market

The old worldly Johnson Market, established in 1929 is nestled between Hosur town and Richmond Road. From rolls to cutlets, biryanis to kebabs, Johnson Market is a gem serving nostalgia for those who eat meat and are hassle-free.  Also, the shawarmas at Kebab Magic with their thick fillings are in fact a must order.

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5. The Permit Room

The Permit Room is a quirky representation of Bangalore’s eclectic culture along with its age-old culinary heritage. It is situated opposite Garuda mall and is quite easy to locate. The diverse menus at this iconic food outlet are designed to pay homage to the distinct and unique cuisines of different cultures.

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