5 Most Overrated Places In Himachal You Can Skip

by Vinita Jain
5 Most Overrated Places In Himachal You Can Skip

Himachal Pradesh has an ample number of tourist attractions, snow-clad mountains, pine trees, adventures, silvery water, picturesque, and tranquil locations. Some places in Himachal are claimed as romantic, tranquil, aesthetic, one of a kind, etc. But are they really this way, or it’s just the hype or fuss created about them? Well, as the number of commercialized attractions grows, it’s better to skip some of Himachal’s hype destinations and instead head for the offbeat and unexplored destinations. Here are 5 of the most overrated places of Himachal that you can consider skipping.

1. Kufri

Going to Kufri itself is confusing while driving and climbing there. You have to either hike or ride a horse from the parking lot to reach Kufri. Undoubtedly, the view at the top is good, but all the mess, while reaching Kufri is not worth it. Rather than visiting Kufri, you might consider visiting Narkanda.

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2. Manali

Although Manali is one of the popular tourist destinations in Himachal. But Manali is also a very crowded place where the roads can’t take huge traffics. Mainly the transport system in Manali works slow and the taxi prices are way too high. So, rather than visiting some explored places consider visiting offbeat places of Himachal.

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3. Shimla

Again, Shimla is also every time filled with tourists. The famous mall road is overhyped. If you’re looking for a peaceful vacation then Shimla is a big no-no. The crowd in hotels, roads, and rickshaws just leaches the tranquility of Shimla.

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4. Rohtang Pass

During the summer holidays, the roads of Rohtang Pass are very congested. You need to park the car almost 7-8km below the actual snow-clad mountains. Either you need to do hiking or take a horse ride on the trails. The people with horses charge a bomb. So, consider visiting any other tranquil location in Himachal rather than Rohtang.

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5. Dalhousie

Another quaint hill station of Himachal. The same issue with Dalhousie, because of the tourists it has become overcrowded now. Even the hyped Khajjiar Mini Switzerland Valley has been commercialized and oppressed as a tourist attraction.

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