Mother Dairy Opens First Restaurant In Delhi NCR, Around 60 More To Come!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Mother Dairy Opens First Restaurant In Delhi NCR, Around 60 More To Come!

The most buzz-worthy food chain is coming to town and we are honestly buzzed out of our minds. Neighbourhood lifeline Mother Dairy has gone all in on the Delhi NCR table. We can’t see how big a pot they win or lose! They’ve opened their first café in Noida. Milk and milk products major Mother Dairy has ventured into the Quick Service Restaurant segment. This is just the start because they have big plans for the future.

What is it

Mother Dairy launched ‘Caf Delights’ on Friday in Noida’s Sector 1. This is the first of around 60 outlets planned for Delhi NCR. Go big or go home, right? Reports say they’re going to be serving “holistic food options and delicacies from across the country” according to the company’s statement. Dine in and dine out options will both be available of course. Nobody wants to lose out on the delivery culture anymore! They plan to cover the city in their name within 12 months with a whopping 60 different locations.

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What’s more

It’s no secret that the food scene has massively evolved in the past few years. Every mood has a cuisine for it these days. “To match these changing consumer preferences, we aim to start a modern and contemporary outlet,” Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Managing Director Sangram was reported as saying. It was further informed that Mother Dairy recognizes that “changing lifestyles, increased disposable incomes and availability of new formats have attracted consumers to look out and opt for new and modern alternatives for food consumption.” Milk and dahi isn’t enough anymore, we want more! Focus was also laid upon how ice cream and snacking parlours have gained popularity. They’re tapping into the market too with “food safety and hygiene norms” in mind according to the company statement.

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Union Minister of State for Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries Sanjeev Kumar Balyan was reported saying that Mother Dairy is an institution that creates more avenues of the farmers’ produce by bridging the gap between them and the urban consumers. We’re excited to see Mother Dairy’s new brand because sixty is a big number and Delhi NCR is a bigger challenge! We’re coming to support you (and try you out) Cafe Delights! If you love to try new places, visit The Food Therapist In South Delhi Which Serves Dal Makhani, Palak Paneer Khichdi Till 2 AM!

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