The Food Therapist In South Delhi Serves Dal Makhani, Palak Paneer Khichdi Till 2 AM!

dal makhani
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan1184

Delhi winter has got us craving a warm night out every now and then but, where in this city would we find heart warming food at 2 am? The Food Therapist near East of Kailash serves soul food till the munchies last. This cozy café is committed to making indulgent north Indian food healthy. That sounds like an oxymoron to true dal makhani lovers. Well, the calories are never going to leave our plates, but the bad fats can. At The Food Therapist, naan is served with desi ghee instead of cheap butter and food is cooked in ghee instead of oils too! All this at competitive prices has got us stationed there every night since we discovered this place. What caught our attention was the palak paneer khichdi. For ₹230, you get a bowl full of goodness enough for two people.

What is it

We never knew how well thick palak gravy goes with rice. These two truly belong together. Rich creamy palak gravy has all the Popeye power and healthy hacks. The palak is cooked in a milk-based broth and then churned into the best midnight healthy indulgence ever. The dish comes steaming, fragrant and garnished with grated paneer all over. Palak paneer khichdi is guilt free indulgence, any time of day.

the food therapist

Image Credit: the food therapist

What’s more

While we absolutely love a new a find but, Dal Makhani (₹170) and Butter Chicken (₹300) is in our veins. This place has the most shahi butter chicken with kaju and cream. Their dal makhani has actual makhani. A unique masterpiece is their Mix-Veg Sabzi.

Picture Credit: Vidisha Khaitan

This everyday vegetarian dish has captivated even the most carnivorous hearts. The Soya Chaap here is the softest we’ve ever seen. This brand-new little place surrounded by residential areas has quickly begun to dominate over other food places. It’s away from all the hustle of the big city for complete relaxation. It was love at first sight for the regulars who no longer have to worry about what they’re going to eat after a long day at work.

Picture Credit: Vidisha Khaitan

Going green

On a lazy night in, The Food Therapist has got your back. God forbid you ever have to leave the sheets. They’ll send your order right over and you won’t have the urge to switch to home cutlery because they’re gradually transitioning to 100% plastic free living. This late-night café lives simply and responsibly. They’ve already implemented a 0 food and water waste method. They filter cooking water and use it for cleaning, after which they refilter it and use it on their plants or the nearby garden. The customer leftovers are fed to community dogs daily. What’s surplus in the week is distributed to the poor. Kitchen waste is used to make seekh kebabs and donated as well. Once a month, The Food Therapist feeds the hungry near AIIMS in Delhi. Eating here is not only good for our cravings but also our conscience!

dal makhani

Image Credit: Vidisha Khaitan

This place is perfect for healthy breakfast cheelas and big fat rolls. It was high time that indulgent healthy north Indian food became a thing and finally we have a torch bearer. People are setting up tiffin services with The Food Therapist for ghar waali health and baahar wala taste! Head on over with family or friends for a chilled night out. Pro tip: you’ll get a perfect semi outdoor winter ambience plus if you ask for a fire, a desi coal tasla will be set up for you by the very helpful owner himself. Head over and until you can, order for a taste!

Where: L-229, L Market, Sriniwaspuri, Near Sriniwaspuri Gate 4, East of Kailash

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