Mouni Roy Does Not Like Fish & Mishti; Shares Her Food Preferences

Mouni Roy is now a vegetarian and avoids fish along with sweet dishes.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Mouni Roy Does Not Like Fish & Mishti; Shares Her Food Preferences

Recently, a talented and beautiful Bengali gem, Mouni Roy, joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, for a hearty Dussehra special episode of the Sunday Brunch. It was hosted at Badmaash in Andheri West, Mumbai, also owned by her. It was a Dussehra special Sunday Brunch and we were not gonna skip out chatting about Bengali food. Turns out she avoids and does not like fish and sweets in general. Watch the entire episode to learn more about her life and upcoming projects.

Mouni Roy Does Not Like Typical Bengali Fish And Mishti

If you were not aware, yes Mouni Roy is Bengali. I mean her big beautiful eyes give it away, don’t they? So it was only right that we start this special Sunday Brunch by asking her, “What does a typical Sunday Brunch look like at the Roy house?” She answered that she loves to eat home-cooked Bengali food. It looked like she remembered her mother’s cooking. Then she went on to list the food items that are generally made during Durga Puja’s bhog.

She shared that she loves to eat a lot but it has to be home-cooked meals. On that note, she told us that she can have the same sabzi, daal and egg curry thrice a day and it doesn’t bother her until it is homecooked. Kamiya questioned Mouni on being vegetarian despite being a hardcore Bengali girl and our Editor-in-Chief put special emphasis on the fact that Bengalis love fish and chicken. Mouni went on to share how she doesn’t like roshogulla and mishti doi because she hates desserts. Roshogulla and mishti doi lovers might be slightly offended.

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“My mum used to try and force-feed me as a child, at least like fish because it’s like Bengalis and fish go hand in hand. I used to feel squeamish in my mouth” she said. As a Bengali, I can say I had similar experiences in my childhood until I developed a taste for fish. Mouni Roy also told us that there is nothing religious or other obligations behind it. With time she became aware of the environment and hence is a vegetarian now.  

She Picked Vada Pav Over Puchka?

Mouni Roy
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We played a fun food game with Mouni Roy where we gave her some options and she had to choose one according to her food preferences. The first option Kamiya gave her was Vada Pav or Puchka and to this, Mouni answered Vada Pav. The Bengali in me was like why would you pick that (even though I enjoy eating vada pav with cutting chai). 

Not only this, she went on to choose Aamras Puri over Roshogulla. Tiny-tiny heartbreaks for Bengalis everywhere. We accept it Mouni, we accept it. Looks like living in Mumbai has changed her food preferences but at the end of the day, she appreciated the authentic Bengali food we got for her and that matters to us.

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Comment down below if you are a Bengali and have had similar fish-eating or feeding stories from childhood or even now. Non-Bengalis, if your cuisine does have fish, do you enjoy eating it?

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