5 Mouthwatering Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes To Make At Home, This Veganuary

Today, we have made a list of Middle Eastern recipes that you can make at home this month.

by Anupriya Mishra
5 Mouthwatering Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes To Make At Home, This Veganuary

Those of you who have taken the Veganuary challenge will know that there are plenty of things that can be made with just plant-based ingredients. And today, we have made a list of Middle Eastern recipes that you can make at home this month. They’re easy to make at home and are a great counterpart to the meaty alternatives. So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes

1. Shawarma

Shawarma is a delicious Middle Eastern wrap that is relished by people around the world. However, if you are someone who is following a vegan diet, then you will want to know about this easy vegan shawarma recipe by Thee Burger Dude. According to this easy recipe, all you need is just a few important ingredients that will help you make vegan chicken. After this, you will, however, need a bunch of spices, which are a staple in a Middle Eastern home. Once you got your spice mix right, don’t forget to whip them all together as shown in the video for a delicious result.

2. Falafel

Another pretty easy recipe, this dish is made with a bunch of easy-to-find ingredients. The Pappy Pear walks you through the process of making this dish in his well-explained video. Making this fried nibble is fairly simple, as one has to mix up all the ingredients, just the way it’s shown in the video. You can also pan-fry it, if you want your falafel to be less oily. Don’t forget to pair this with some vegan hummus!

3. Hummus

Since we have previously talked about vegan hummas, it’s only fair that it’s also included in the list of delicious Middle Eastern vegan recipes that you can make this Veganuary. The recipe itself is quite simple and can be made in just a few minutes. You do, however, need a few ingredients, like chickpeas at home, which are also easily available in the nearest grocery store. Finally, don’t forget to combine the ingredients by following the easy steps, as shown in the video.

4. Baba Ganoush

This eggplant dish is also quite easy. Making the recipe takes just a few minutes, however, it does have a few crucial steps that you need to follow in order to get the perfect result. The recipe by The Cooking Foodie is pretty simple and the steps have been explained well in the video. It does use a bunch of spices, but you needn’t worry about them, as they are a staple in every Middle Eastern household.

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5. Vegan Shakshouka

The next on this list is shakshouka. While traditionally this is an egg-based dish, this recipe uses a vegan egg hack that makes it a great addition to the list for Veganuary. A recipe by BOSH!, it uses just a bunch of easy-to-find ingredients. However, it’s crucial to follow all the steps given in the video in order to get the perfect flavours. In case you’re wondering about the vegan egg, making the same is quite simple and it just uses a handful of ingredients, such as plant-based mayo, tahini, and lemon. So, don’t forget to follow the steps as shown in the video to get the drool-worthy result.

Go ahead and treat yourself to these tempting dishes this month and ace your challenge.

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