Move Over Thepla & Dhokla & Feast On These 5 Lesser-Known Gujarati Dishes

by Vaishalee Kalvankar 1004

Every time someone talks about Gujrati dishes, generally, only 2-3 cliched names come to our mind like jalebi fafda, thepla and dhokla. But Gujarati cuisine is filled with mouth-watering dishes which are a must-try. So here is a list of 5 lesser-known Gujarati dishes that will surely blow your mind.

1. Handvo

Handvo is a healthy vegetable cake. The preparation of this healthy snack includes sesame, lentils, spices and rice. It is a very healthy dish because of the ingredients and also the fact that it is baked.

2. Khandvi

It is a delicate tasty snack made out of gram flour and yoghurt. The dough is spread flat on a surface and gently rolled into bite-sized pieces. These soft rolls, meant to melt in your mouth, are the most popular in Gujarati cuisine.

3. Paatra

Paatra is a healthy snack made using colocasia leaves and gram flour. It is then tossed in sesame seeds tempering, giving the steamed dish a tinge of flavour and crispiness.

4. Methi Muthia

Methia Muthia is like dumplings prepared using methi or fenugreek leaves and gram flour. They can be prepared by steaming and frying both.

5. Locho

Locho is a protein rich snack prepared using gram flour. It is a steamed farsan dish which is the most loved street food in Surat. The dish is famous as surati locho too.

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