MS Dhoni Seen Relishing Cake With His Gym Buddies; Netizens Laud His Humility Yet Again

by Tooba Shaikh
MS Dhoni Seen Relishing Cake With His Gym Buddies; Netizens Laud His Humility Yet Again

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, also known as MS Dhoni, Dhoni, and Mahi, the apple of every Indian cricket fan’s eye, is widely lauded as a humble person and that fact has been attested by a number of videos that exist on the Internet. You can consider this latest one, too, to the list. In a recent video that, like anything that has Dhoni in it, went viral on social media, our star cricketer is seen cutting and enjoying a couple of delicious cakes.

MS Dhoni Relishes Cake With His Gym Buddies

This particular video of MS Dhoni was posted yesterday on Instagram. It is posted along with the caption “Celebration for Chennai Super Kings 5th IPL Trophy with MS Dhoni Sir.” The video shows the cricket star cutting two cakes with his gym buddies.

He cuts the cake and feeds it to one of his friends and then eats the rest of the piece himself. He then hilariously says “Kaun kaun kha raha hai kaun kaun dieting pe hai batao” (“Who’s eating and who’s on a diet, say”) and urges them to eat the cake.

Although you might think that it’s a bit too late to celebrate the outcome of IPL now, we’re just happy that we have more Dhoni content! And we’re sure that his admirers feel the same. Since it was first posted, the video has managed to garner more than 65 thousand likes and even more views and they only keep increasing.

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Netizens Laud His Humility

MS Dhoni
Image Credits: @bajaj.sumeetkumar/Instagram

One of the things that the Netizens loved the most is that Dhoni doesn’t hesitate to eat the “jhoota” or already bitten piece of cake. Given that he’s famed throughout the country and is a huge personality, his lack of hesitation in feeding cake and eating the rest of it really touched everybody.

Many people said as much on the Internet and applauded his humility. In a recent separate event, a video of Dhoni surfaced where he seemed to be lost and asked for directions. Netizens showered praises on his humility then too.

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Cover Image Credits: @bajaj.sumeetkumar/Instagram