Team CSK Celebrates Their IPL 2023 Victory As MS Dhoni Cuts A CSK-Themed Multi-Layer Cake

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Team CSK Celebrates Their IPL 2023 Victory As MS Dhoni Cuts A CSK-Themed Multi-Layer Cake

Just when everyone had almost lost their hope, after MS Dhoni’s dismissal on the first ball, Ravindra Jadeja hit a six. That six revived the hopes of the Chennai Super Kings last night in the IPL 2023 finale match. And then came the winning 4, which brought tears of happiness to every CSK fan’s eyes. Well, the team celebrated this victory in their hotel by cutting cake after lifting the cup in the stadium. 

Team CSK Celebrates Their 5th IPL Trophy 

The IPL 2023 finale was held in the Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad between the Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans. While towards the end it felt like CSK would lose the finale, nobody lost hope because Dhoni walked in. But what we call the anticlimax was that he lost his wicket on the first ball itself. 

Considering this was his last match, his dismissal welcomed a pindrop silence in the stadium. But then walked Sir Jadega and turned what seemed impossible into possible. CSK won the match, and the boys in the team went crazy! After lifting up the trophy at the stadium, the team members and their families came back to their hotel.

All the players danced their way to the lobby, where a five-layered CSK-themed yellow cake awaited them. The cake had the years written on every layer when the team had won the IPL finals. On top of this multi-layered cake was an edible copy of the trophy. The team’s captain, MS Dhoni, cut the cake, marking the beginning of the celebrations!

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A Ride Of Emotions

This year, CSK’s win was way more emotional, with multiple reasons behind it. Firstly, the win was completely unexpected! Ravindra Jadeja and the last two balls completely changed the game. The way he ran towards Dhoni and the way Dhoni picked him up in gratitude and pride was the moment of this year’s finale for sure. 

The next scene that won our hearts was the tears in Amabati Rayadu’s eyes as he announced his retirement from all forms of cricket, but before that, he won the last match of his career in the most glorious way! Instead of only MSD, it was Ambati Rayadu, Jadeja, and Dhoni who lifted up the cup first.

The joy on everyone’s face from the CSK team, including their family members, was something inexpressible. Even fans cried in the stadium, shedding happy tears as soon as Jadeja hit the winning four. 

There has never been such madness for any team, and there will never be!

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