Multi-Cuisine, Live Music & More! Namaste Puri Is The 1st Rooftop Restaurant In Puri, Odisha!

Puri has its first rooftop restaurant and it is just few minutes away from the beach! Here's Namastey Puri Restaurant.

by Shreya Rathod
Multi-Cuisine, Live Music & More! Namaste Puri Is The 1st Rooftop Restaurant In Puri, Odisha!

Odisha’s Puri is not just about the Jagannath Temple but also about the vibrant culture, serene beaches and more. Among them is Puri’s first rooftop restaurant—Namastey Puri Restaurant. And it not only offers Odisha’s cuisine but a multi-cuisine menu!

Namastey Puri Restaurant, Puri’s First Rooftop Restaurant

Namastey Puri is a hotel in Puri that features a restaurant, a communal lounge, free private parking, and a terrace. It is 13 kilometres away from the Puri beach and the terrace is a part of the restaurant.

With the beautiful wood flooring, the place looks perfect for a pleasant brunch with your friends. The rooftop has white hues which compliment the place and has a stage for live music performances. The place is decorated with lights which look enchanting at night!

So, if you are looking for a place to have a date night, this is perfect. As for the menu, you will get everything from fish to prawns to chicken dishes! They also serve delicious mocktails which you cannot resist.

The restaurant is part of the Namastey Puri Hotel where you can stay. The property is located 1.6 miles from Jagannath Temple, 22 miles from Konark Sun Temple, and approximately 17 minutes walk from Golden Beach. The hotel offers free WiFi throughout the place, room service, an airport shuttle and a front desk open around the clock.

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Visit Beaches, Temples And More!

puri in odisha
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1. Puri Beach

Puri Beach is one of East India’s most beautiful beaches. It borders the Bay of Bengal. With the sun shining on the immaculate beach waters, this spot is perfect for vacationers seeking some privacy.

2. Jagannath Temple

King Indradyumna constructed the Jagannath Temple, also known as the pride of India, in the eleventh century and it is situated in the holy town of Puri. Lord Jagannath, who is a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, resides in this magnificent temple.

3. Chilika Lake

Bird watchers and environment enthusiasts can find heaven on earth at Chilika Lake, the largest internal saltwater lake in Asia. The pear-shaped lake features saltpans and fishing grounds all around its shoreline, along with a few little islands. The world’s most hospitable ecosystems are found in Chilika Lake.

4. Raghurajpur Village

Near Puri, the heritage crafts hamlet of Raghurajpur is well-known for its Pattachitra paintings as well as other artistic creations including papier mache, wood and stone carvings, palm leaf engravings, and Gotipua folk dance, which is the ancestor of the classical Odissi dance style.

5. Narendra Tank

One of the biggest tanks in Odisha, Narendra Tank is thought to have been constructed in the fifteenth century. There are numerous tiny and large temples encircling this sacred tank. Chandana Mandapa is a modest temple situated on an island in the centre of the lake.

6. Markandeswara Temple

Markandeswara Temple thought to have been built in the thirteenth century, is renowned for its exquisite artistic and architectural details. A ten-armed Nataraja image adorns the entryway of the temple.

7. Sudarshan Crafts Museum

The Sudarshan Crafts Museum was founded by Sri Sudarshan Sahoo to provide a venue for artists and art enthusiasts to witness the development of contemporary handicrafts. The museum showcases the evolution of traditional sculptures over several decades.

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