Mumbai: 400 BEST Buses That Were Discontinued After Gas Leak & Fire To Join The Fleet Again

by Tooba Shaikh
Mumbai: 400 BEST Buses That Were Discontinued After Gas Leak & Fire To Join The Fleet Again

Mumbai commuters thrive on public transport. The Mumbai locals are known for being the lifeblood of the city but BEST buses are not far behind. Many use the bus service to reach their destinations at an extremely affordable price. Recently, about 400 buses were recalled and discontinued by the BEST officials. This led to a paucity of buses in the city. However, all 400 buses are back on the street and are operating again.

400 BEST Buses Resume Service

Earlier in the year, the Bharat Electrical Supply and Transport or BEST purchased about 400 Bharat Stage-6 or BS-6 buses from lease contractors. However, it soon became obvious that these buses had manufacturing defects.

One after another, there were reports of these buses and their engines catching fire. Heeding to the situation, all of the 400 newly-purchased buses were recalled from service which led to difficulties in travelling for Mumbaikars who travel by buses.

Since so many buses were recalled all of a sudden, the frequency of buses travelling on their regular routes decreased. This, in turn, led to longer waiting times, more crowded buses, and people reaching their destinations later than expected.

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Buses Join The Fleet After Inspection And Reparation

BEST buses
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The buses that were recalled were non-air-conditioned compressed natural gas or CNG buses. According to officials, the manufacturing faults were in the engine and some other parts of the bus. These parts were then replaced and the 400 buses were made regular again.

One of the officials even revealed that there was a problem with gas leaks which was contributing to the engines catching fire. Hence, the CNG tubes in all the buses were replaced. All of the other issues were also rectified which is why the services of the buses were resumed.

Now, after 400 buses are back on the streets, commuters are significantly relieved. The difficulties that the passengers had been facing for close to three weeks will now finally come to an end and the travellers can go back to travelling how they used to.

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