Mumbai-Based Artisanal Cheese Brand Voted Among World’s Best Cheese

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 537

If you’re a true cheese fan, then you must definitely try this artisanal cheese brand in Mumbai. Eleftheria Cheese, a Mumbai-based artisanal creamery offering rich, creamy cheeses won a silver rating at the World Cheese Awards held in Spain. This seven-year-old enterprise is the first time an Indian cheese brand participated and won in a global event.

Eleftheria Has Put India On World Cheese Map

To give you a perspective, The World Cheese Awards is referred to as the cheese Olympics where cheesemakers from around the world showcase their talents. The competition organised by the British gourmet food journal publisher, Guild of Fine Food UK is held annually. With cheesemakers participating from all around the world, it can be safe to say that Eleftheria’s win has put India on the global cheese map.

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Elefeteria’s Brunost Is A Nutty Taste

Elefeteria’s Brunost, a Norwegian-style, whey cheese with nutty fragrance took the prize away. Eleftheria collects the whey and combines it with fresh milk, cream, and caramalise it to get the signature brown colour. The texture of the cheese is like chocolate fudge and it tastes like a symphony in the mouth. Nine hours of slow cooking results give a savoury flavour without any added sugar or salt.


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Wish to get your hands on this award-winning cheese? Eleftheria is available in Foodhall stores in Mumbai and Delhi.


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