This Street Food Vendor’s Unique Dosa With Dry Fruits, Cheese & Cherry Is Making Foodies Unhappy

by Suchismita Pal
This Street Food Vendor’s Unique Dosa With Dry Fruits, Cheese & Cherry Is Making Foodies Unhappy

Cheese dosa with onions is something we all relish, but how will you react if someone adds dry fruits and cherries to it? A dosa maker went viral for rustling up this dry fruits and cheese dosa but foodies are not really happy with the recipe. The unique dosa has been named ‘Dilkhush dosa’. Initially, Harry Uppal had uploaded the video of this dosa on YouTube. After being shared on Twitter by Deepak Prabhu, it went insanely viral grabbing over 4.5K likes, 1.5K shares and 990 comments.

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Badam, Kishmish On Dosa!

In the video, we see the man making the crepe and then topping it with onion and cheese. He is then seen adding nuts and raisins to the crepe. After that, he is blending the ingredients and flattening the mixture on the crepe. To this, he adds vegetables, more cheese and even cherries. We then see him folding the crepe and dividing the dosa into four halves. He tops the dosa halves with more cheese and also cherries. While the mother ingredient of the dosa clearly seems to be cheese, netizens are confused over the cherry and dry fruits add on.

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Netflix India Compares The Dosa With Stranger Things

After the video was posted on Twitter, people flooded the comments section with hilarious reactions. One user wrote, “Thode pista badaam, khomeni, protein powder, gulab jamun, pede, agra ka petha bhi daal deta to Aatma bhi khush ho jaati dil k sath.” Another wrote, “Cashews, kishmish, cherries, cheese, mayonnaise – this is bloody criminal.” Yet another commented, “Did he actually put raisins and cashews in a dosa? Or did I see it wrong??” Even Netflix India commented on the clip, stating, “Kaju and kishmish in a Dosa? We’ve seen Stranger Things.”

Dry Fruits Cheese Cherry Dosa

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