Mumbai, Delhi Make It To The List Of Cities With Most Millionaires; No. 1 Is…

Two Indian cities have made it to this globally prestigious list.

by Shreya Ghosh
Mumbai, Delhi Make It To The List Of Cities With Most Millionaires; No. 1 Is…

Residents of a city and their lifestyles reflect a lot about the place. Their net worth, lavish experiences, expenditure, and way of living are some great factors to consider while determining a place and its wealth. Recently, a report has been released focusing on the world’s wealthiest cities and the highest number of millionaires staying in these places around the world. The best part is that Indian cities have also made it to this prestigious list.

New York City Tops The Cities With Most Millionaires List

Cities With Most Millionaires
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Recently, Henley & Partners, a London-based investment migration consultancy, released the worldwide ranking of the wealthiest cities. This list features the top 50 cities with the most millionaires and also focuses on the growth of different cities. The bustling New York City in the USA ranks first on this global list with about 349,500 residents having a net-worth of seven figures. That’s supremely impressive, right?

Interestingly, one in every 24 residents in New York City has become a millionaire. Back in 2013, it was 1 resident in every 36 people living in the city. NYC is also home to 744 centi-millionaires and 60 billionaires. Comparing 2023 to 2013, this globally-famous city witnessed a surge of millionaire growth by 48 per cent in a decade. The remarkable rise shows the incredible expansion and growth in total wealth as well. Currently, the city has an overall wealth of $3 trillion.

Cities With Most Millionaires
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Mumbai has also featured in this prestigious list of the top 50 wealthiest cities. The City of Dreams is home to 58,800 millionaires. It reported a growth of 82 per cent in the past decade. The next Indian city to make its name on this list is Delhi. With 30,700 residents with a net worth of 7 figures, the national capital noticed a millionaire growth of 95 per cent.

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Here’s The List of The Top 10 Cities:

Cities With Most Millionaires
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  1. New York City: 349,500 millionaires
  2. The Bay Area: 305,700 millionaires
  3. Tokyo: 298,300 millionaires
  4. Singapore: 244,800 millionaires
  5. London: 227,000 millionaires
  6. Los Angeles: 212,100 millionaires
  7. Paris & Île-de-France: 165,000 millionaires
  8. Sydney: 147,000 millionaires
  9. Hong Kong: 143,400 millionaires
  10. Beijing: 125,600 millionaires

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Have you been to any of these extraordinary cities and enjoyed amazing travel experiences?

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