Mumbai Has A Unique One-Rupee Clinic For Everyone To Afford Health

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 1181

There is a one-rupee clinic in Mumbai that provides affordable healthcare for everyone. Dr. Amol Ghule is the brainchild behind this clinic and he works along with his team round the clock to provide almost-free checkups to the poor. One Rupee Clinic has been a successful project in the city with centres at local train stations. The 1 Rupee Clinic has provisions for check-ups at ₹1 and tests for nominal costs ranging from ₹25 to ₹100. Now isn’t that amazing?

The One-Rupee Clinic Started Operations At Local Train Stations

The one-rupee clinic was established in 2017 in a Joint Collaboration with the Government of India and the Ministry of Railways. They started operations at numerous local train stations in Mumbai metropolitan region. The clinic not only provides health check-up facilities but also works as an emergency unit in case of rail accidents. Making things better, they charge a nominal fee of only rupee one.

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The Clinic Provides Testing And Consultation With Top Doctors

The one-rupee clinic provides consultation with top doctors, lab testing for diagnosis, a pharmacy, medical counseling, and an awareness camp at a very nominal rate. The diagnostic centre at One Clinic provides all types of blood tests, sonography, and scans at affordable charges. The concept of 1 Rupee Clinic is popular at railway stations along Western Railway and Central Railway, will now reach the civic hospital in Kalyan (East).

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The Clinic Is Managing 10 COVID-19 Care Centres

Even during the pandemic, Dr. Rahul Ghule and his team of 750 medical staff are managing 10 COVID-19 care centres in and around Mumbai. These care centres are set up by local civic bodies. They are treating over 2500 Covid patients at their hospitals. The clinic doctors, nurses, and even ward boys are paid handsomely and are duly insured for their tireless work. Moreover, the institution also looks after their accommodation and food.

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About two to three doctors and pharmacists are appointed at every clinic.

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