Mumbai Is World’s 14th Best City; Thanks To Its NightLife, Community Spirit & Film Industry

by Sushmita Mahanta
Mumbai Is World’s 14th Best City; Thanks To Its NightLife, Community Spirit & Film Industry

The 2022 Time Out list of ‘the 53 best Cities In The World’ released on July 11, brings good news for India. Mumbai, the Mayanagri or the ‘City of Dreams’ in India, sits proudly in the 14th position on the list. The Pandemic took a toll on the whole world but even after facing such dire circumstances, Mumbai still glows brightly. From offering a great corporate hub and community spirit to glamorous film industry and nightlife, the city has it all! These stark yet glorious contrasts make for the greatness of the city. Let’s take a look at the factors that led to the city being rated as the 14th best city in the World in 2022

Mumbai Scored Highly In Terms Of Its Nightlife And Community Spirit

The Time Out 2022 list revealed that about 89 percent of locals rated Mumbai’s nightlife highly, making it the third-best in the entire world. The city scored 94 percent for its food and drink. It was also third for community spirit with a whopping 81 percent of positive responses. Absolutely brilliant, we say! Apart from this, according to the Time Out survey, currently, Mumbai seems smitten with Japanese flavors. The new restaurants like Akina, Koishii, Wakai, and, the current talk-of-the-town, Neuma by Karan Johar are totally adding to the nightlife of the city.
“With the always-buzzing food and nightlife scenes, Mumbai offers a space for those who dream big. Pandemic or not, the city’s spirit is defined by the way its citizens bond in times of celebration as well as crisis. From helping those in need to creating opportunities for those who dare to try, this city attracts people like bees to honey. And the nightlife doesn’t just stop at the clubs – great food can be found 24/7, with a front row seat by the bay if you so wish,” revealed the Time Out survey.


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The Glamorous Film Industry Also Adds To The Greatness of The City

Mumbai’s Bollywood makes for one of the world’s largest film industries. For years the city has been proudly holding the title of the film capital of India. A lot of Bollywood and Hollywood storylines are also based in the city. Apart from that, some of the top studios are located in the city. And even Time Out will agree that the charm of Mumbai is doubled because of its film industry!

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