Mumbai & The Chocolate Factory! There’s A New Cacao Mill In Colaba & A New Chocolate Brand Too

Cacao Mill
by Mallika Khurana

Chocolate is heavenly, no matter what shape or form it comes in. We were all exceptionally wooed by all things chocolate when we first saw Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. We would have given anything to step into that world of chocolate just once. Well, what if we told you that a version of that vision might be coming true? Mumbaikars! Brace yourself as we introduce the first-ever chocolate factory in your city. Subko Specialty Coffee Roasters has brought The Cacao Mill to Colaba, a haven for all chocolate lovers. We bet you will never want to step out of that dreamy arena of chocolate. The Subko Chocolates, a result of all the magic that happens in that mill is an absolute delight in every bite.

The Cacao Mill: Mumbai’s First Chocolate Factory


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Rahul Reddy, the creator of the well-liked Subko Specialty Coffee Roasters is the man behind the first chocolate factory in Mumbai, the Cacao Mill. The cacao pod is the indisputable champion in The Cacao Mill by Subko’s double-storeyed 2,000 sq. ft. space in all aspects. With an indisputably imaginative and pleasing vibe, this place is a masterpiece in its entirety. There is a Cellar in the chocolate wonderland where Subko’s whole catalogue of craft chocolate endeavours is on display. Let’s just say that this is an environment where you would want to turn into Willy Wonka and make it your home.

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Chocolate, Chocolate And More Chocolate


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You must have guessed by now how unique this place is going to feel and what astonishing experience it is going to deliver. To decode what will give the chocolate lover in you chills once you step inside, it will be the fragrance that will woo you.

To give you access to all the chocolate experiments, The Celler displays all of Subko’s craft chocolates. Their collection is presented in a way that will keep you indulged. All of their chocolates, whether packed or unwrapped, are placed category-wise. The experimental collection is one of the bestsellers and the names of variations will tell you why. Imagine a Kashmiri Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookie and Cold Brew Chocolate Hazelnut Tart into chocolate bars. Heavenly, right?

There is so much more this place holds for you, both chocolaty and beyond and you must check it out ASAP!

Where: Colaba, Mumbai

When: Tuesday to Sunday, 9AM-9PM

Cost: ₹600 (For two)

Cover Image Courtesy: Website/Subko

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