A Restaurant Sells 100% Veg Butter Chicken And Chicken Lovers Are 100% Confused

by Shreya Ghosh
A Restaurant Sells 100% Veg Butter Chicken And Chicken Lovers Are 100% Confused

Indian cuisine is nothing less than a treasure box! Each one of the lip-smacking dishes is a jewel and we indeed love to relish them. Be it vegetarian food or any preparation cooked using eggs, fish, or meat, these delicacies are supposed to be eaten in the most authentic way possible. Customising veg with non-veg and adding meat to a vegetarian recipe just simply worsens the taste. And a restaurant did something very similar recently. This butter chicken option is baffling foodies!

100% Veg Butter Chicken! What Does That Even Mean?

A Twitter user Aneetta took to her account (@aneetta_joby_) to share a screenshot of a restaurant menu. The tweet is about a restaurant that is selling the most unique butter chicken in the world “100% Veg Butter Chicken”. Well, we are very confused imagining how can it be butter chicken if there’s no chicken at all. Take a look at Aneetta’s tweet here!

The Twitter user shared the photo captioning “Spot what’s wrong” and the chicken lovers have assembled in the comment section to share their opinions on the menu of the restaurant.

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Twitterati Has Lots Of Reactions To This Post!

Shared on 25 March 2023, Aneetta’s post has surely amassed all the attention of chicken lovers. While some are simply laughing at the concept of 100% veg butter chicken, some are confused seeing what is even happening here. Many Indians are celebrating Navratri at the moment and they are eating only vegetarian food. So is this a veg alternative to butter chicken? Or is it a vegan alternative to classic butter chicken? Does that mean no rich and thick cream has been used to make the recipe? We can only guess what is actually happening here.

In less than 2 days, the tweet has more than 43K likes with over 300 likes. The reactions and retweets on this restaurant claiming to sell 100% veg butter chicken are hilarious. Netizens are pouring all their creativity and wit to react to this totally unexpected dish.

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Here are some of the funniest tweets of the Tweeple and their reactions!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva, Twitter/ Aneetta (@aneetta_joby_)

Will you taste this dish?